Friday, February 17, 2012

....and there goes another one

Got an email back from the girl wanting the rats... turns out the parents won't drive two hours to get them.  Oh well.

But, this brings me to one of those nagging thoughts - does no one look at where the pets are located before they bother emailing rescues and people selling pets?  Because this isn't an isolated case, this is typical - I can't tell you how many people we get that will put down a deposit (by mail), tell us a list of things they want to purchase with the pets... and then realize we're 2-3 hours away from them.  I guess, for me, that's the FIRST thing I look for.  Like when I'm on craigslist, if I am searching for something I want to buy, I will have either "northwest Indiana" or "southern suburbs" (of Chicago) selected, so that results don't pop up for me that are two hours away.  Because let's face it, it could be the best deal in the world, but if I have to drive two hours to get it... it may no longer be such a great deal. 

But maybe I'm one of the few that actually looks at location before contacting anyone.  I don't want to waste anyone's time.  And while I'm sure that's not their intention, that is the end result of their not checking the location before they email.

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