Sunday, February 19, 2012

Interesting few days

So, it's been an interesting few days since my last post...

On Saturday, we had someone who was waiting for us to get in a single chin... they got a chin elsewhere and wanted to get some supplies (a starter pack) from us... so they stopped by and purchased that.

Then later in the day we got in Cadbury!  The rabbit I was telling you about.  Man is he HUGE!  I mean, they said he was big, but he is BIG.  I'm glad that Joann (our volunteer) donated some cages awhile back because our chin cages would have seemed a bit puny for this big boy!  He is such a sweet bunny.  And so strong!  When we got him in... well let me go back story first.  We got a call about taking him in.  Apparently, the call was from an older sibling in a family with several kids.  The rabbit was gotten for one of the younger kids, was passed around from younger kid to younger kid, and when this older sibling moved back into the house, she found the rabbit in his cage in a corner in the basement.  Poor thing.  So, she talked with everyone in the house who agreed that he should be found a new home, and so he was brought here. 

He's a very sweet rabbit.  Due to his lack of care, his nails were ungodly long.  Probably at least all an inch long.  Poor thing, he jerked and I cut the quick on one of the nails and off he went running.  He didn't want me to do the rest of the nails after that, but he was fine and I didn't cut any more of the nails too short.  Very sweet rabbit.  Very LARGE rabbit.   I mean, they said he was large, but he's almost 7 pounds! 

And as it turns out, I was wrong in my other post about his color.  Cadbury is a tri-color.  

With no further ado, I bring you Cadbury:

So that was Saturday.  Then today, Sunday, we started off the day with a gerbil dropoff at 10 am.  These nice people had gotten two male gerbils to pair up with their single male... well, turns out one was a female... and you know the story from there!  She had 5 pups - 3 black and 2 lilac.  So they brought the mom and all 5 pups here.  They're going to be separated by sex on 2/28 and they will be adoptable approx. 2 weeks after that, when they will be approx. 10 weeks old.  They're so cute! 

Due to their previous home sharing their likes/dislikes for their siblings, when they are adopted, they will be available in these groups:

--two black female pups
--lilac female pup & Darth (mom)
--black and lilac male pups

They are so cute and are doing well.

Today was a busy day, so I can keep going!  Our noon appointment showed up at 11 am, so we're actually thankful that our 11 am appointment was about 45 minutes late!  We're hardly ever thankful for that, but today was one of those days.  So the noon appointment shows up, and drops us off a pigeon - Fancy. 

Due to internet research, this color is a "red" pigeon.  Meet Fancy:

And due to the fact someone texted us the day before regarding our craigslist post asking about pigeon cages... we may already have a potential adoptive home for this girl!  But she will have to remain here for awhile first for her evaluation.

And then our 11 am showed up - they were coming to look at Flipz & Mr. Top Hat and see if they wanted to adopt them.  They showed up thankfully after Fancy's mom had left, and we went down and saw the chins.  They really seemed to like them, so we got everything together and paid for and they ended up taking them, their cage, and a ton of supplies home.  Great family, awesome people, and an awesome home for these boys.  They had a daughter, Anna, who was just the sweetest and smartest little girl, and I'm sure the chins will just adore her, and her them.  The previous home of Flipz & Mr. Top Hat had asked that the new home remain in contact with them, and these people said they would, so that's even a happier ending for all.  :) 

Picture is of Flipz & Mr. Top Hat with Debbie and Anna...  haha usually I catch people in blinks, this time I caught a chin in a blink!

So then, with appointments over, I had the task of writing my final paper for class... and amid that.... chin emails!  In looking through my emails, I realized there was unfortunately no email from the person wanting to adopt Frito.  So, sadly, I took him off hold, went on petfinder and took him off pending, and re-posted him on most of the classified sites and all that... and then realized I had someone potentially looking to get a single chin.  So, I emailed them asking if they might be interested in him... so we will see.

Other than that... had one potential home for the kits email back the adoption form, it looked good, and they already went out and got some supplies.  So kudos for that.  They also sent pics of everything they bought for verification of whether it was "good" or not.  Also kudos for that.  They said the will be doing the deposit in a few days, so that should make another of the kits on hold with deposit... and then got a call today about someone wanting to come physically see the kit in person... told her about the deposit and all... so she will be coming Thursday to look at the kit... so the other one's on hold until at least Thursday... so we're doing ok at the moment.

Now, if only someone would want to adopt the male rats.  They're so sweet!

I think we should have a chin drop-off tomorrow, shortly after I get home from work.  So we will see how/if that goes. 

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