Friday, February 17, 2012

Double-dipping - CLE and chin care and homework

So today I am at a CLE - continuing legal education - seminar that lasts all day.  Been here since 9 and been getting lots of work done with chins and with homework!  Been typing up my notes for class and working on all of that, and of course, answering chin emails in between. 

First of all, got an email about someone wanting to bring a rabbit to the rescue.  She wants me to call her, so I will on the way home from the seminar, but I probably shouldn't make a call during this seminar.  I'm sure they're already not thrilled that everyone has their work or other things out and aren't paying attention, a call may be pushing it.  So I will call her on the way home. 

The rabbit's name is Cadbury and is so cute!  Of course, he may or may not actually make it here, as I get contacted by a million people asking us to take in pets, and we only end up taking in maybe 1/10 because the people fall off the face of the earth, but this one sounds like we'll probably get him in.  I think his color is called harlequin?

Got an email back from the guy asking about building the cage.  Said he was happy his daughter had found such a great helpful place to get a chin from.  :)  Always makes me feel good.  :)  Asked about wheels, so I yapped about the good ones and all.  His cage idea sounds good, can't wait to hear how it turns out.  The chin will definitely be spoiled, that's for sure...

Also got an email from the girl interested in the rats, so that's positive.  She seems really nice so hopefully she will get us back the care packet and all and the rats can go home with her.  We'll see, but it seems promising.

Well, that's it for rescue emails this morning.  Checked CnH but still waiting for Dawn to PM me back with CA chin rescues and breeders.  I'm sure I'll get more before I get out of here.  It's only 10 am and I'll probably be here til 5.  Perfect day to answer emails and talk chin.

But for the moment, back to homework.

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