Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Today - 2/15/12

Today has been a less than productive day, to say the least.  I had full intentions of coming home from work and going downstairs immediately to clean cages, as they could use it.  Unfortunately, life got in the way and I had to run to the post office for my father, got a call from my volunteer, and somehow ended up taking a nap in between.  I set my phone (with the sound on) next to my bed, in case someone was to call.  You see, I had someone who said they might want to come over and see some of the chins today.  Well, long story short, they never called (probably had to work late or something), so the nap ended up being much longer than I anticipated.  Oops.

Heard back from Joann (our volunteer), who's been MIA since sometime before Halloween.  I'm thankful for any help I can get, but it will be nice to have her back (eventually).  She was telling me how she wants to get some cages and shelves from us, so I suppose I will need to put in another order for cages.  Typically keep 2 of each on hand, but if she wants two... I will need more.  Anyway, she said she'd call next week and we'll set up a time to sit down and go over what she wants.  Hopefully she will be back soon.

Today... I have not gotten much done.  Got an email from someone asking about carefresh bedding, emailed back about how it's fine if the chins don't eat it. 

Got an email from someone asking about the rats.  Turns out, we're over two hours away from them and they're going to talk to their parents.  I have to admit - I hate it when I find out I'm talking to a 15 year old, because 95 times out of 100, I'm just wasting my time and the family never ends up adopting.  But, I do it anyway cause you just never know.  And usually you can tell when you're talking to a 10 year old.

Got an email back from the person who's going to surrender us baby gerbils when they're old enough.  I had sent them out gerbil care packet and it'd been a few days and I was starting to wonder if maybe I'd really messed up gerbil care when writing up the care packet.  But they emailed back today (yay!) letting me know what specifics in the care packet applied to the babies and such.  That was good to hear from them and know that my gerbil care is on target *thumbs up*. 

Finally, got an email just a bit ago (it's already like 11 pm) asking about our baby for sale and if we'd meet.  While we will meet to pick up a rescue, we do not meet to have someone adopt a chin or buy a baby.  The side of the road or parking lot of a strip mall just isn't the ideal place for meeting a new home. Not to mention, the humane society isn't going to meet you anywhere... so I told them that, and answered a few other questions, sent them the forms and all, we'll see if I hear back.

As for NON-email related chin care stuff (which I feel I spend an awful lot of time on), the chins are doing well.  As it's the 15th, I really do need to go and weigh them, but I may just end up doing that tomorrow.  Same for the cleaning cages - unfortunately, I have a job interview in the morning, so I need to shower and get ready - cleaning cages can wait one more day.  They don't stink or anything, but it is time. 

Well, time to go down and take care of the chins for the night.

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