Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 3102 - Beginning

So, first day of the blog.  Little bit about all of this.  First off, it's not really day 3102, but since we've been open between 8 and 9 years, 3102 is halfway between 8 and 9 years.  My name is Ashley, I run NWI Chinchillas, both the rescue, the breeding, and the supply sales.  I go to school part time and I have a job.

My mother was partially what has prompted me to do this blog, as she used to say that running the rescue (in mom-language, "running the rescue" means doing everything chinchilla related) was like having a second full time job.  And in all fairness, it is.  It takes a lot of time to run the chinchilla rescue, which is noted by many people who come here.  However, I think even I have underestimated the amount of time I spend running the rescue and doing random chin-related things, so as a result, I thought I would post about the daily happenings here at the rescue. 

I called this "nights at the chinchilla rescue" because of the fact that most of the magic happens at night.  I work during the day, so most of the time spent with chinchillas is in the evening and later hours.

Onto the daily happenings...

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