Wednesday, February 22, 2012

busy day today

So today, right after I got home from my interview (I got the job!), I started on chin stuff.  Built 1 1/2 chinny mobiles (need to add the wheels to the second), built a cutout hidey house, made some munchers delight toys, and put some shelves and other stuff in that feisty ferret cage that I'm working on.  All while chinnys ran in the playpen and had all of their fun times.  :)

Oh! And learned something new today - our Cadbury is a female rabbit.  While I didn't actually flip her over and sex her, I was petting her and I noticed, get this, nipples!  Which apparently may be noticeable while pregnant or not (so it's not like with chins, where they're very noticeable when pregnant), but between the nipples and the dewlap (the flap of skin under the chin), several bunny websites have me convinced that the "he" is actually a "she." 

Poor Cadbury was having a cow today.  I just want her to be potty trained, and we have a litter box in her cage but she's not really using it.  So I was picking up the poos and putting them in the litter box and the little turd like grunted at me and lunged and bit me!  Twice!  Not hard or anything, but I was like well that's a new one.  Never had a bunny charge at me.  Apparently that's not uncommon either, as bunn's are territorial.  Learn something new everyday. 

Well, as soon as that one chinny mobile dries, I will be able to get that order out that's been sitting on my desk for what seems like forever... but between work, school, and other chin-responsibilities... I don't know where the time goes sometimes. 

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