Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Inquiries galore

So I get to work and see the first email being someone wanting to adopt Frito.  Course, I thought I took down all his ads, but it's not uncommon for people to somehow run across an ad that I took down that is still showing up for some reason.  But... not this time, no, I actually forgot to take down one.  So I emailed her saying that he'd already gone to his new home but that we had another chinchilla (Storm) up for adoption.  So we'll see.

Had several people today email about Ghost.  He's already on hold for someone who adopted some gerbils from us the other week - and I have him on hold on the website, but you know, people see an ad and immediately call.  Got one who said they wouldn't drive the 2 hours to come get him, so I told them we had another for adoption, but if they wouldn't drive... so I suppose I won't hear back from them, and then had someone call and say they were four hours away in Michigan and wanted to know if there was a way to get him transported up there... um, what?  Since when do you not have to go to the physical location of the Humane Society to adopt a dog?  You can't pull the "it's too far" and have them drive to you.  How is this any different?  Anyway, called them up and told them that he's on hold and that we had Storm available... but who knows.  I don't see them driving four hours to pick him up, but who am I to judge.  We've had people drive 6 hours to drop off a chin, so anything is possible.  But... the people who do that don't even question the drive... versus the ones who say there's "no way they can drive x hours" typically don't want to drive even 5 minutes.  And I'm sorry, but we don't meet and we won't deliver.  I have more than enough on my plate with two jobs, the chin rescue, and grad school to be driving to deliver a chin.  Cause it's not only 2 hours there, it's two hours back. 

And as for meeting... it's not that I don't want people to adopt chins or anything... but think about it.  Someone wants to meet to pick up a chin.  Where you going to meet?  The Walmart parking lot?  Cause that chin gets loose out there and you can forget ever seeing it again.  One gets loose in our basement, it may give us a heck of a chase, but we will catch it and you can still take it home. 

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