Monday, June 24, 2013

Affording Pets & Changing Minds (Updated!)

Let me share with you part of a conversation that has been going on for the last few days.  Relevant parts only because this goes on and on.

So, first she asks about two guinea pigs and how much they'd be with a cage and food.  So I tell her, the two she wanted would be $55 together (which includes a discount), the cage would cost an additional $30-50 depending on which she wanted, and food would be additional also depending on how much she wanted.  So potentially between $85-105 just for the pigs and cage.  Not counting any food, any food bowls, water bottles, veggies, etc.  

And I told her, the one pig she was interested in is currently on hold for someone, but I could let her know if they decided to back out.  So then she asks, how much is the other one by itself.  I tell her $35.

Her:  Now I don't know if I could get it because of money right now so I will let you know.

Ok, so I asked her, is she sure she wants him put on hold, because the holds only last for 2 weeks and if she doesn't get him in two weeks, then he'd be up for adoption for anyone.  She says yeah, put him on hold.

Texts starting today:

Her:  Hi I think I wa talking to u about bashful I will not be getting that I am looking for a chinchilla by a chance do u have a chinchilla

Me:  I mean no offense but if you were saying you can't afford a guinea pig you definitely can't afford a chinchilla.  A chin + cage and all the stuff you'd need to care for it usually runs 250 at the very minimum

Her:  Oh wow.

Her:  Ok thanks for the help and all the things you did haha

Me:  No problem

Her:  How much for a chinchilla alone with nothing at all

Me:  I charge 75 and up but since you mentioned you don't have very much money I think you should wait.  If something should happen to the chin vet bills are typically $150 and up

Her:  We have money!!!!!!!lol we just need to get a check but 75 ok I'll ask

Me:  You just said you couldn't afford a 35 guinea pig how is 75 cheaper than that?

Her:  We have money I just changed my mind.  We have money trust me

Me:  I understand that but yesterday you said you didn't have the money.  By saying you can't afford a guinea pig, a chinchilla would be way out of your price range.  In my mind, if you can't afford a guinea pig, you would not be able to adequately care for a chinchilla as they are considerably more expensive.  If a guinea pig at 35 was too much yesterday, there's nothing you could say that would make me approve you to adopt an animal that is considerably more difficult and expensive to care for.

Her:  My parents got a check..... We have money now they said I can get one so I am looking but looking for some on craigslist ok thanks bye

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.  She's going to go buy one of those $50 chinchillas with cage on craigslist, feed it junk food all its life, and when it gets sick, it's going to sit in its cage and die.  Because that check they got?  What do you bet it's welfare?  Disability?  Something of that sort?  The way she worded it, I would not imagine paycheck, especially not on a Monday.  Sorry if I sound biased, I have nothing against people receiving those benefits, but a lot of people on those benefits really are living benefit check to benefit check, and should not have pets, as if those pets ever needed any vet care, those people would not be able to afford it.  Not saying they're bad people or anything, and some will afford vet care, but I know many people on disability with too many pets that would never see the vet's office.  But I digress.  The point is, if she didn't have $35 yesterday, but has way more now... I'm betting give it a few days and they won't have $35 again.  And once someone settles themself in my mind as someone who can't afford a chin, I'm not adopting them a chin.  Sorry, no way, no how.

And I get that she changed her mind, from the pig to the chin (which I could go on about as well, but I won't....), but that doesn't change the fact that $35 was unaffordable yesterday.  That is the whole problem.  If $35 is unaffordable, then the $75 for the chin is definitely unaffordable.  What about the cage?  Typically, this person would pick up the cheapest cage possible.  These type of owners are the ones that put their chin in a 10g tank or a gerbil cage, because the cage is like $10 and well within their budget.  A good cage starts at like $75 from here with wood shelves, they're definitely more expensive than that at the pet store.... which is why the typical result is they get the cheapest cage they can find on craigslist.  And... since they know nothing about chin care, this type of person goes for the cheapest food, which is not usually a good food, and also usually has all sorts of junk in it that's bad for the chin.     

For anyone sitting here reading this getting mad thinking I'm being an ass -- these things happen. I have numerous chins that come here that people have said they can't afford even the basic necessities for.  People who get the chin free or cheap and then can't afford a proper cage, much less vet care.  I had several people within the last year that ran out of food for the chin and did not have the money to purchase more, for 2-3 weeks!  So we get this half starved chin that's been downing hay and anything else in the cage even vaguely edible because its starving, but their reason for dropping off the chin is never, "oh, we can't afford it," no, it's usually "I don't have time."  As if there's nothing wrong with the fact they haven't properly fed the chin in several weeks.  This stuff really does happen, and I want to prevent MY chins from going to any of these homes.

And you know what?  Maybe I'm wrong.  Maybe this person does have money and could afford chin care.  But for me, I have a feeling that that's not the case here, and her lightning-quick animal change would suggest to me that she wants a chin cause she saw one somewhere and it was "cute," and that's about as far as it goes.  Maybe I'm wrong.  But regardless, if she wants a chin, she will need to get it elsewhere. Because I will believe the first thing someone says to me.  If you tell me you're broke, you can't tell me, a day later, oh you're rich.  I will believe the first thing, as people tend to change their story when it suits them -- but they're not always that bright to say they have money in the first place.  So, she will have to get a chin elsewhere, my chins will continue to go to homes that have been checked out and approved.

Sorry if you're reading this and I'm talking about you (as I recently found out a lot of people read this blog), but I'm sorry, I just can't take that chance.

Updated!!  Two hours later, we start again, because apparently the whole concept of "I won't approve you to adopt means nothing."  

Her:  Will the chinchilla come with a cage

Me:  No

Her:  Ok so the chinchilla is 75 alone

Me:  Yes

Her:  Where you located

Me:  Munster, IN

Her:  Ok thanks

Now.... this doesn't seem all that aggravating except, 2 hours before, she asked how much for the chinchilla itself, I tell her 75, and then, oh, 75 is with a cage?  No.  Where did she think I got the $250 for everything?  If the chin came with a cage, that would be some might expensive accessories!  Lol, but as to the other stuff, posts from yesterday:

[the below takes place after asking how much for two pigs, a cage, and food, and I tell her, the one pig she asked about is on hold, but if it wasn't, the two pigs would be $55, the cage would range from $30-50 depending on size, and food is extra]

Her: And where are you located?

Me:  I'm in Munster, IN

Her:  How much is bashful it's self

Me:  He is 35

Her:  Cause I'm interested in both but sence sammy is looked at I am interested in bashful and 35 is that with the cage and food or no and can you send me a pic and please put bashful on hold for me

Me:  the 35 is just for Bashful.  None of the animals come with a cage.  He will come with .... [and I go on to talk about the care packet, food, chews]

Like... she doesn't even listen to what's being said.  Case in point:  She asks me how much is Bashful himself.  $35.  Oh, so is that with a cage?  *facepalm*  This is basic english people.  Say I go to a hardware store and they have a bundle that comes with a drill, drill bits, and some screws for a bundle price of $50.  I ask the salesperson, "how much are the drill bits themselves?"  And they tell me, "$5."  This girl would ask, "oh, does that come with the drill?"

Also, note the fact that when she asks about if Bashful comes with a cage, this is the second time she has asked that (yesterday), which prompted me to say that none of the animals come with a cage.  Yet then she asks, does the chinchilla come with a cage?

It's people like these that make me want to pull my hair out.


  1. awwww - that cannot be pleasant to deal with. Hang in there.

  2. what an idiot. i feel your pain.