Monday, June 24, 2013

Busy Days

So, Saturday was busy.  First, had one of the regulars in the morning getting supplies.  16 lbs of food (out of my newly opened, last 25 pound bag) and 5 pounds of dust.  So they showed up, got their stuff, and moved on.

Then my 10:30 doesn't show.  So, it's almost 11, and I have other people coming, so rather than end  up with everyone here at once, I called em up.  Turns out, they were supposed to be set for next Saturday.  And it was totally my goof up -- in fact, I had even emailed saying "on the 29th, 10:30 will work just fine for me."  Yet.... it was the 22nd.  So, I apparently wrote the appointment on the wrong week.  Whoops.  My bad.  I apologized and re-wrote it on the correct date.

So then, it's just after 11, and I get an email from someone I'd been emailing back and forth before the previous night... saying they're coming at 12.  I also had a 1:30, and the feed store isn't open forever, so I decided to go to the feed store to replenish my food and get back before 12.  That's pushing it.  Not so much on a weekday, but on a Saturday?  Yeah.  So, apparently I rarely ever go to the feed store on Saturdays, because man was it busy!  And it's never busy.  So, got my chin chow and got home.  My noon appointment got there before me, but just a few minutes.

So I came in, let them in, and it was a mom and her two boys and they wanted to see some of the rats.  The one boy wanted to get one, the other didn't like how the claws felt on his skin.  The mom said she'd get back to me.

Then the 1:30 arrives.  So, she was coming to adopt Ivan and get a cage and a lot of other stuff to the tune of like $430 total.  Big order.  So, I actually had to leave at 2:30, so it was a bit rushed showing her everything she had and all.  She wanted me to show her a hair ring check, so I pulled out Toby and showed her.  Of course he didn't have a hair ring lol.  But she saw how it was done.

But let's go back to the prior day - Friday night.  I laid down at like 6:30 pm intending to take a one hour nap and get up at 7:30.  Well..... I think I fell asleep and never set an alarm.  So, I get up like 9:30ish, and scramble, because that $400ish order is not put together, and that includes a large cage (31 x 21 x 50) that needs to be wiped down and vinegar'd (already washed and cleaned, but has collected dust and some areas need a vinegar wipedown) and have like $55 worth of shelves cut, bolted, and put in.  So, had to do all that. Then had to get the rest of that $430 order ready.  Lots of stuff, so I was up til like.... 3:45 prepping for that order and the other pickups for Saturday.

So later, on Saturday, after all my people had left, I brought in the chin food.  My dad helped a bit, one bag at a time.  To try to make things go quicker, I did 2 bags (50 pounds) at a time.  Apparently that was a really bad idea.  Both of my wrists feel like they were run over by a car and are very very unhappy if I lift anything even textbook weight.  Ouch.  And... just about everything is heavier than that.  So, if anyone wants to lend a hand (or their brother's/boyfriend's/husband's/kid's hand), I have 250 pounds of chin chow that needs to be sorted by mill date and moved about 20 feet, down a set of maybe 7 stairs, and neatly stacked.  Not far, but I'm clearly not doing it anytime soon, considering whatever I managed to do to my wrists.

And usually I can do 50 pounds!  That's not uncommon... but I dunno, this time it didn't work out for me.

Then Sunday, yesterday.  No one stopping by for critters, so just working to get some cages ready to be listed on the site, packaging up some orders and getting shipping quotes, and cleaning some cages.  I have another courtesy ad that needs to be put up on the website, and I gathered the info for that, so that should be easy to do when I get a chance to start on it.

My pile of paperwork is growing, so I really should go through that.  But that wasn't Sunday.

What I did get a chance to go through was a box or two of these adorable appliques and buttons that I plan on eventually listing on the website webstore.  Got them from a friend and I am using what I have room for, and other people can enjoy the rest.  I need to figure out what to charge for these, I am going to have to look them up somewhere to get an idea of what retail is and go from there.  All nice stuff, like some disney appliques, some raggedy ann and andy, some pooh bear and that kinda thing.  Animal stuff.  All cutesy stuff. Will eventually get it up on the website, but currently it's like at the bottom of my list.  So probably not right away.

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