Monday, June 10, 2013

Going's on.

Not too much going on lately.  Went to Six Flags (yay!) with Amber, as a mini-vacation from our respective rescues.  If you ran a rescue you'd know why we need days like that every so often-haha.

Came back Saturday night, and Sunday had people coming by.  The one picked up a cage that had been on hold for awhile.  Had someone come by and drop off a lop-eared rabbit.  Sort of agouti colored, will have to ask Amber what this color really is called.  Big rabbit for 9-10 months, and mostly potty trained!  Awesome.

Then had someone come by to look at Haku.  He's on hold for someone on my waiting list, and they wanted to come by and see him before bringing their chin here for me to try intros.  They liked him, so intros will be later this week.

Got an email about Boom & Pow that I need to answer.  Also some emails about donations.  It's amazing how quickly you can get behind.

Oh and this was a good one.  I have a cage for sale and someone texted asking if I have the bottom part for it.  So I asked if they meant the pan, and I said yeah.  So they asked how much, and I told them the price for the cage.  They said, no, just for the pan.  Well.... I told em, if I told you the pan... the cage would be useless to me.  Because this cage has a slide in pan, so it's not like you can just go get a custom square cut to the size.  Wouldn't work.  And... really, this person knew that, because they have a cage that they can't use....because they apparently have no pan.  I mean... maybe this is just me.... but I would think, anyone with that cage is NOT going to sell just the pan, because that makes the cage useless.  I mean, good try, I suppose, but I doubt they're going to have any luck.

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