Thursday, June 6, 2013

Latest Going On's

So, I know I've been slacking with what's been going on lately, so time for a little summary.

The court date for Tazzie and Sugar -- the other guy won.  He said he was going to keep the chins, and despite my argument that I found it suspicious that one day he is "forced to sell them" and the next day he can "keep" them, the court believed him and so he gets to keep the chins.  But the judge did tell him, in response to his comments (in the emails) about how the contract was one-sided and unfair, that he did sign it, and it is enforceable, so if he was to get rid of the chins, he does need to abide by it.

Moving along, then I saw two of the other chins we have on craigslist.  Emailed the person, of course, she denies she listed them, took down the listing, says she was hacked.  See, the funny thing bout that is when I'm hacked, people try to steal bank account info, they send emails with viruses to everyone in my contacts.... but never do they go on craigslist and post an item for sale.  Cause guess what?  They don't actually have that item to sell, so it's not going to benefit them if someone was to call.  Shes' sticking with her story though, and the other lawyers at work have advised me that since it's all circumstantial evidence that I have, if she was to go to court and lie and say, no, she didn't do any of it, she was hacked, unless I could prove otherwise, I'd just be losing money again.

So their suggestion was to beef up the contract and put in liquidated damages provisions, court costs provisions, and so on and so forth, and a provision that if we see the animals for sale, we reserve the right to demand they be returned.  So I will be working on this at some point.  The point is to make it really seem like it's a serious matter, which it is, but also to make it more harsh on the people who want to pull this shit and try to sell the critters behind my back.

I am going to email the person back, though.  I probably should just not reply to her statements that I am harassing and stalking her, and she should get a restraining order against me (really?  yeah, she said these things -- all I did was send two emails -- one stating that I saw the ad up listing the chins for sale, and asked to set up a time to get them back, and, when she denied that, another email stating that I found it to be a really big coincidence that someone in the same town as her had the exact same two black velvet chins as her, same age chins, same age kid, same exact cage, and just so happened to be selling all of it -- but it wasn't her... and I told her, I have gone to court over this before and I can again.  So, of course, that's threatening, stalking, and harassing.  And she should file a restraining order against me.  Uh-huh.  Oh, and I'm being rude.

Let me paste the relevant portion of the email:

I am aware of what the contract states, and it only "asks" that I return the chins if I can no longer care for them, which seems more like a request. And as I care for them, I do not feel the need or the want to return them. I really do not appreciate the harassment and the stalking and the threats. I should be taking you to court and get a restraining order for all of this nonsense. If you want the chins, I want the money I paid for them. I did not try to adopt just to sell. You are being extremely rude.

Ah, no.  The adoption form asks that we be contacted, the adoption contract, which is signed at pickup, states that the chins "will" be returned.  I also find it interesting, that, since she wants to keep the chins, she would even offer to give them up if I pay her.  Hmmmmmm.

Anyway, I do plan to scan in a copy of her adoption contract and email her and just nicely point out, hey, this is what I'm talking about, so if the time does come when you try to sell them.... this is why you are required to bring them back, it is not a request.

Moving along.  Mariah was on hold for quite some time for an individual in another state who was trying to find a good time to come by.  So, she doesn't email me for quite some time, bypassing the day she had originally wanted to come by, so finally she emails me back saying that her son had emergency surgery and now they can't make it out here.  Now, I'm not one to typically sit back and call people liars, but these people lately....  like in this case -- the pig is originally from Amber's rescue, and she requested that the new owners keep in contact with her.  So Amber had facebook-friended this person.  Apparently, over the course of the days that this son allegedly had this emergency surgery, this person was posting about how wonderful the days were, oh, nice and sunny, oh wonderful day to lay around -- all "happy" statuses that I, personally, would never even think of posting if my son was in emergency surgery.  Heck, I would not even BE on facebook if I had a kid going through surgery and aftercare, but if I was.... it sure wouldn't be posts like - oh isn't the world wonderful???  So... I would tend to think, with this, that this person simply decided not to adopt, and didn't want to say that, and figured a sick son would be a good excuse.  I don't know that that's the case, but that's what I would tend to think.

Moving along again.  I had 2 rats on hold for someone who wanted to come by between the 3rd and 9th.  They were supposed to get back to me with specifically when they could come, and they were even thinking of adopting a 3rd female.  And they had a cage and a TON of miscellaneous used items on hold.  So, all was good, until I realized the last time they emailed me was 5/25.  Ok, that's way past the 5 day email and 2 day notice....and I'd sent them multiple emails within that time, none of which they had responded to, so I emailed them:

As you now haven't responded for 11 days, I am taking these rats and your items off hold.  The rescue's communications policy actually says that people only get 7 days before animals go off hold, but I thought maybe I would hear from you, but I unfortunately have not.

Personally, I would have preferred an email saying you decided not to adopt, now's not a good time, you don't have the money, or just "I can't adopt," no explanation needed, really.  I find it not only disrespectful to me and to the rescue, but disappointing as well, as not responding to emails and letting me know you're not interested in adopting hurts the animals, in that that's just more time they will have to spend here, more time they spend away from their forever home that will love them and shower them with attention.  Someone may have been interested in adopting them, but because they were on hold for you, and they saw that on the website, they may not have contacted me.  So they may have missed out on a home they could have had, because I was not made aware that you no longer plan to adopt.

If you decide at some future time that you would like to adopt, the only way you will be able to put an animal on hold will be to put down a deposit before the animals will be put on hold.

So they are back available for adoption as well.

Moving along, I got several panicked phone calls from Amber last night.  Apparently, this one rescue that had adopted both a chin and several guinea pigs from me, and guinea pigs from Amber had a lot going on.  She had something like 17 pigs, and a few days later had 3 left.  Turns out she got a pig from her friend, didn't quarantine it (major mistake), and whatever that pig had started spreading and killed almost all her pigs within a matter of a week or two.  Did she take them to the vet for medical care?  No.  Too expensive, she'd have to borrow money.  Yet, on both Amber's and my adoption forms, there is that question about "can you afford medical care" (or something of the sort), which she must have put "yes" on, or she would have not been able to adopt.  To make things worse, she just purchased a large parrot for $450.  I find it interesting that she had money to do this, but no money to take the animals to the vet?  Someone with this poor financial handling should not be buying more animals.  I mean, if the parrot gets sick, now she won't have any money for that either.  Amber told this person that if she could bring the pigs to Amber, Amber would take them to the vet.  She said, not without gas money.  I know gas is expensive, but she's only about an hour away, and paying for gas would be exponentially cheaper than paying for vet care for the 14 pigs that died and the 3 remaining pigs.  Needless to say, this person is now on our Do Not Adopt lists, and we have contacted other rescues to make them aware of this as well.  If someone wants to know who this is, let me know, I'll get you the name, but for here, let's just say don't deal with any rescues in Kocomo, IN.

In other news, I ordered the appetite stimulant/weight gain supplement from Fuzzies Kingdom for Winx, so he will be getting that in hopes of plumping him back up.  Got in some revitachin(?), something of the nature, supposed to help improve health, so he's currently on the 7 day dosage of that.  He's a tad bit heavier than the previous time (515 vs. 505), but every little bit helps!  Still bony, so the supplement hopefully will help with that.  He definitely is eating and pooing, but I don't know if he's not eating enough, or what.   I now have a second food bowl in the cage that I put some extra supplement and extra goodies in for him.  Can't hurt.  And putting it separate from his food keeps him from digging through his food bowl.

Everyone lately is emailing/calling about Ivan.  He is listed as being still under evaluation and on a waiting list hold, but people just ignore that and I have actually been asked to move someone ahead of everyone on my waiting list "because they really like him and want him."  Really?  All they know is what it says on the website
  • Ivan -- mosaic male chinchilla -- 5 months old -- ready approx. 6/17 (waiting list hold)
...not exactly tons of descriptive information.  I have been emailing them all back, saying, you know, there are 3-4 people on my waiting list wanting a young white male, I can contact them if all these people back out, but I wouldn't get any hopes up.... so far, no one's responded to those emails.

So, I have re-listed all the animals this month, hopefully that will kickstart some adoptions, as the rescue has been literally dead lately.  Just a few supply pickups from repeat customers that I see every so often, but nothing new, with everyone backing out lately.

Boom & Pow are finally off their medical watch.  The day prior to them going up for adoption, they developed loose poos.  Not really loose, but like, squishy when they'd step on them.  So I'd be scraping them off the shelves.  So, first few days, I give them just hay, shreddies, and so on.  Doesn't fix the problem. So, I give em probiotics, doesn't fix the problem.  So, I give em a dose of antibiotics and that doesn't immediately fix the problem either, so I figure give em a few days to see if it clears up on its own, as some chins are just prone to squishy poos every now and then.  Finally, maybe a week or two has passed since my first noticing the squishy poos, and it occurs to me, I don't know if they both have it.  So, I leave Boom in the cage, move Pow to one of the other cages, and by the next day -- neither has loose poos.  Of course.  Re-intro'd them and they are now ready to go be adopted.

I want to say that's it for the latest news.

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