Friday, June 28, 2013

Paperwork and more

So, yesterday and today were like the paperwork days.  Yesterday we had limited power (as in, my laptop worked because it had battery backup), otherwise the house had no power, so I input all the receipts and such that were not debit card receipts into the chin docs.  Today was the "fun" part (dripping sarcasm).  Taking the pile of receipts that I have and the 5 adoption paperworks that I had, and going through those, posting relevant stuff, so on.  And balancing/reconciling 2 bank accounts.  Fun fun.  Sounds like it wouldn't take that long, but for each adoption, this needs to be done:

  • Notation made in Chins Past & Present Excel as to adoption, adoption date, etc
  • Notation made in Chins Past & Present Word as to adoption, adoption date, adoption people, etc.
  • Put up adoption on Happy Customers page on website
  • Put up adoption picture on Happy Customers page on website
  • Money recorded in our Expenditures and Cash Flow excel sheet
  • Previous owner emailed with pics to let them know their critter has been adopted
  • Go through emails in wanting chins folder (so if anyone else was hoping the adoption would fall through, they could be emailed -- and also to move over all emails from the adopter to our Chins & Critters folder)
  • Move folder with animal pics and info from the regular spot on the harddrive to the "Chins No Longer w NWI" folder 
  • ...and approx. 7 days after adoption, email the adoptive home asking how things are going, if they have questions, etc.
Reading over that, that may not sound like a lot to do.  And really, it's not, but it takes forever.  I was doing that, reconciling the bank accounts, and inputting one recent addition (Eeyore) into the files (Chins Past & Present Excel, Chins Past & Present Word, and Chins Past & Present - Stories) and it took me from like 8 pm until... well, it's now 11:29 at the time I am writing this sentence.  It takes a long time, which is why paperwork piles up... cause I never can find the time to do it, so I need to just plop myself down one day with the pile and make my way through it.  Usually it doesn't back itself up this bad, but with the new job... not as much time to do this stuff.

So, on a plus side, now the Happy Customers page is up to date, as is the Donations page (well, almost...).  I also finally updated the missing info (like, pedigreed lines and such) on the Our Chins page. 

Getting all the pets fed and watered takes a good hour and a half if it's done every other day.  That's not including the time it takes to get the veggies and leafy greens ready for the pigs/rabbits.  So that brings us up to about 1 am.

Let's see, what else.  I do have a halloween holiday toy (orange and black) in the works.  Have a few made up and have a picture taken, but the toy won't actually debut until more of the fall-season.  Also have a christmas wreath (anything goes PLUS dyed red and green -- idea courtesy of some of our customers, thank you) that I just strung up on wire today.  That one's going to be an extra $1 over the cost of the regular anything goes PLUS toy, as dying 14 inches of wood takes some time and coloring.  Also won't debut until the winter season, as it will be like our holiday toys and will only be around during the season the colors coordinate with.  Unless, like that one year, I make so gosh darn many that I have 4th of July toys from June to January of the following year.  But hopefully, I have learned my lesson on that one and will now only make a few at a time.

.... but, let's say you people who read my blog are the elite few who get to see what these look like before their respective seasons:
Halloween Holiday Toy

Anything goes PLUS toy - holiday wreath edition

I think they look pretty good.  I will be shooting for a darker orange on the holiday toy next time.  The original orange was even lighter than that, and I probably can't get it too much darker, but it's a nice orange.  May even have to try out a holiday toy that's the reverse -- nice burnt orange pine blocks and black pumice.  Maybe I will give that a shot and see how it looks.

Though at the moment, the anything goes PLUS toy - holiday edition will be staying the christmas/winter holiday edition.  I can tell you now I don't have enough hours in the day to make one of those in every color the holiday toy comes in. 

But I do have some toy pieces here that I haven't played around with since I've gotten them in, so there could be a new toy on the horizon eventually.  

So anyway, both toys are up on the supplies for sale page (the second without a picture, as that pic above is clearly not the one that will make it on the site), but are not available in the webstore for some time. 

I had a customer who's helping out with a rat rescue in her area who wanted to know how many used water bottles I have (turns out, 10 -- 4 glass, 6 plastic), so I emailed her about that.  Went through a few more emails.  Answered some questions about the trial run program vs. the borrow program.  Added the borrow contract to our Available Chins page.  Was going to post Scooby and Ziggy tonight but it's like 1:56 so that's not happening today.  Maybe tomorrow.

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