Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Adoptions and Pretty Much the Usual

So, Puff is now on hold and is going to be picked up tomorrow.  Myshkin is on hold and will be picked up tomorrow.  Mama & Baby will be going home tomorrow night.  Sad thing is, Puff and Myshkin were in the runs, so this really only frees up one cage for me to move chins around.  And I have four chins still in my non-regular rescue cages, so.... this still unfortunately doesn't mean any more chins will be taken in.

Though it's a tempting thought to throw all the chins in runs for the meantime and move them out as rescue cages permit, because it's hard to even move around in the rescue with this many large cages everywhere at the moment.  They'd survive just fine, believe me.

Not too many of the super annoying people lately.  The main ones I've had lately just want to set their own appointment times and everything, completely ignoring my schedule.  Want to pick up supplies at work?  I tell you I work 1-9 pm.  Oh, they can pick it up anytime before 10 am.  Wait, didn't I say I started at 1?  Right, just ignore that, I'll come 3 hours early to make it easier for you.  Similarly same with people coming by the actual rescue.  They can come, for example, Monday at 1, or Tuesday at 5, or Wednesday at 9 am.  Good to know, don't get me wrong.  But.... if none of those work for me, because of my work schedule, are they not going to come?  I think what irritates me about this is that I tell people, I need to wait for my schedule to come out, because it changes every week, and they say, ok, well these are the times I can come.  If I work during all those times, I can't do anything about it, and I'm considerably too far to come home on my lunch break.  And then they get upset when those times don't work.  I had three people this week who wanted to come during the day, because they want to come when their kids are at school.  I get it, don't get me wrong.  And if I'm available during the day, that's perfectly fine.  This week is busy though, so I pushed several to next week, but about the best I can tell them, as far as the schedule goes, is that if they want a Monday appointment, is that I will not be home until around 5 pm.  Well, that's not good cause the kids will be home by then from school.  Tough shit.  That's just my availability on Mondays.  I don't plan my actual work schedule, you know the job that actually pays the bills, around the people who are stopping by for $10 in chin food.  Sorry.

Also, specifics are you friend.  Really.  Not so much in setting appointments, cause I really can't help my work schedule, for the most part, but with other things, please be specific.  I have an email that asks how much a custom hidey house will cost.  That's pretty much the entire email.  Well.... cost depends on several things.  How big do they want it?  I need some sort of inches, or at least "around the size of.....".  Also, how many entrances/windows do they want?  What else would be good to know in terms of building the house?  A 12 x 12 hidey house that's square will cost less than one where someone wants like a sloped roof or a special cutout or something else that will take me 20 cuts and 20' of wood to get right.  So I nicely emailed back and just told her, I needed more specifics in terms of what they thought it was going to look like, how big, how many entrances/windows... and then I could get her a price. 

Another email asked if I had a cage for sale and how much.  Sure, plenty.  Um... for what animal?  That's what I emailed back, is that I have some cages for various animals available, just need to know what they're looking for.  Again, specifics = your friend.  Big difference in price if you're looking for a hamster cage or a large chinchilla cage.  Just saying.... I can help ya better if I know what you want, instead of these super vague emails where I'm not sure.... and no longer will I email back and say, "well, since I don't know what cage you want, here's the 80 cages I have for sale.  Cage 1 is a hamster cage, it is [dimensions], it's good for one hamster, it has a pull out tray, wire ramps, nice cage.  It's $10.  Cage two is a rabbit cage, it's [dimensions], it could fit two rabbits, I could add in a shelf if you'd like.  It's a good cage, no rust except for this one little spot.  It's $40.  Cage 3 is..."  I don't have time for that sort of thing, especially when 90% of the people don't even bother to email me back.  My guess would be (in that instance) because people think that when rescues sell cages, they're gonna be $5 for a large chinchilla cage.  Uh, no.  It's still cheaper than the pet store, but when I put work into cleaning it and getting shelves in it and stuff, I'm not selling it for dirt cheap.  They want that $5 chinchilla cage, they can get it off craigslist and then have to take it to the self-car wash to powerwash the layers of feces off.  Nope, my cages are clean and nice, that's why they cost money.

Ok, gotta go get ready for supply pickups and stuff.....

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