Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Phone Coma

So, best way to word it, is, my phone's in a coma.  I can see what's on the screen, it will beep and briiiiiing and everything, but the touchscreen isn't working.  Wonderful.  They're sending me another one, but say it will be a few days.

Which is just freaking wonderful, considering I have texts on there from people wanting to adopt, that I can't see their entire phone number (so even if I had access to another text-capable phone, wouldn't do me any good), that I'll never be able to get ahold of.  I kid you not, in the last 3 days of the phone not working (and me not being able to make it to Verizon due to my work, in their hours they're open), I got at least 3-4 texts from people that said, "I'm interested in adopting _____" and so on.  But I can't see their full phone number, can't text them back, and Verizon's only thing they can "maybe" help me with (and I quote "but they doubt it and can't promise anything") is getting my contacts.  So those texts are lost forever.  Same with the 10 voicemails that are from local numbers that I can't listen to. 

Sure hope all of those were people who would have sucked as new homes, cause at this point, this is really sucking the life out of my day.  For once, I have no craigslist (or other) ads up for ANYTHING other than chinchillas.  So if  I even could see the numbers, I could get back to these people, but I can't get off the first screen of the phone, where you have to swipe to the right to get to the main screen with all the apps.

One person who usually gets food from me -- they're in my contacts.  But the thing is, I could see they were calling and texting me, but I don't have their number written down anywhere else (that will change once I get my new phone and get numbers re-entered).  Well anyway, I saw they'd called numerous times, and pretty much the only thing they ever get from me is food, but I couldn't call em back.  Thank god, they decided to email me and ask if I was still selling food, and I was able to call them from work and get ahold of them.  They always pay by credit card (which is on my phone), so I had to download the credit card app onto my tablet and do it that way.  I tell ya, what a hassle to have the phone go down when I use it so much for the rescue.

On a positive note -- had someone email about adopting Nyler.  Wanted to know how he was with dogs and, possibly not so positive, wanted to know if they had to come pick him up or if I'd drop him off.  I told em, we don't deliver.  Which we don't.  About the most I will do for people is bring supplies to where I work, since I'm going there anyway, 5 days a week.  But I just can't start becoming a rescue delivery service for the animals -- the vet sure won't deliver their services to your house, and even if they WILL do a housecall, they sure can't do surgery in your living room if needed.  Well, maybe this person will decide that they'll drive to come pick him up.  We shall see.  They did email back asking for the care packet and adoption form, though, so that's positive!

Oh!  Remember the lady who said she didn't necessarily want to breed, but just wanted them as pets, and I told her, well, if you put together a male and female, they will breed?  The one that bolded the thing about "it's the same transaction"?  Yeah, I got another email from her.  Boy is she acting like a know-it-all.  First, she started on how all the research that I'm talking about (I guess the thing about whites having a lethal gene?) is coming from studies that have been hurried and pushed through by people who have a stake in them.  Um, no, they come from ranchers who've been breeding for years who've figured this stuff out.  She's not interested in arguing though, she said.

And then, and I will copy and paste, cause this is too good to paraphrase:  "As an FYI:  Many of the lines of top show dogs began from dogs acquired at the local dog pound (humane society)."  Wonderful.  Let's all start over with chins, because of her wonderful knowledge.  Let's take malo chins, fur chewers, the skinniest, rattiest chins you can find, and let's breed em.  Heck, why start with good chins, when we can start with rescues.  Don't get me wrong.  Years ago, when there weren't specialized dog breeds, I'm sure they did start from less-than-stellar dogs.  But now, there's no reason to breed junk.  Same with chins.  We've come this far, no reason to go back to the beginning.

And another one I just cannot paraphrase, " The HSUS has done so much damage to the agriculture community that breeders are few and far between of all species."  Um, wtf?  There's WAAAAAAAAY too many breeders of every freaking species.  Why does she think there's so many pit bulls in humane societies?  Cause every time you turn around, someone's having a litter of em.  Same with just about every other animal.  This lady has lost her mind.  She said she might contact me in the future to get some chins, but I don't think she'll be getting any from me, with this sort of nonsense.  She'd be churning out malo, furchewing chins left and right.  No thank you.  

Had someone who's wanting to return one of my chins email to ask how that's coming along.  As I still have chins coming out my ears (way more than just what should be in my normal rescue cages), I asked her to wait a bit... hopefully adoptions pick up soon.

Had China out on a trial run, but the person isn't going to adopt her.  Boo.  Said they had some bills come up and extra hours at work, so they can't adopt her.  Ah well.  Gotta find a cage to put her in, as her cage now has other chins in it that managed to find their way to the rescue while she was gone.

Got an email about someone wanting to adopt Myshkin.  We shall see if this pans out, but they sound like a good home from what they told me about their current chins and how they're caring for them.  They responded to my email about if they wanted the care packet and adoption form, so I sent those to them.  Fingers crossed.

Had some people stop by my work yesterday, and put in an application to adopt Puff.  I need to get a cage and stuff together for them.  They don't have email or internet, so they never would have found me if I didn't have the chinchilla in the store, and I had Myshkin there and a binder with pictures and info of the available chins.  Awesome. 

Been emailing back and forth with a guy who wants to get chinchillas to breed... in March.  Told em, no idea what I'll have for sale then, if I'll even have any pedigreed chins for sale then.  This is another one -- oh they're just going to be pets -- but he wants a male and a female.  Uh-huh.  I told em, they will breed, it's called "breeding."  So he was asking prices and I told him, prices are different for adults and babies, and I told him how they have to be big enough and have the right qualities to breed, so now he's settled on, he wants adults, since I told him, if you get babies, you can't guarantee they'll get big enough or look good enough to breed.  But wait, I thought he wanted them as pets?  Uh-huh.  Anyway, so he asked about what it'd cost for cages and all that... so I explained, he needs babysafe cages, and at least two of em, cause he can't just keep mom and dad together forever or it stresses the female out, and between two chins, cages, and a few other supplies he asked about, he was at $500 for two chins and two cages and some extra food and treats.  And that didn't count dust, dust houses, food bowls, water bottles, hidey houses, etc etc.  And this is cheaper than a pet store.  Just depends though, on what's here at the time he wants to get chins.... Anyway, point being, this is a perfect example of people planning ahead.  Maybe he needs to save the money for it.  The only "problem" with planning ahead, is I can't promise what I will have here, at that time, in terms of cages and chins, but this is someone who's thinking for the future.  Rather than the usual, "oh that's too expensive, I'll just get it off craigslist" people.

Ok, gotta go to work now.  Taking my tablet with, so if you need me, message me on facebook or email me.  Thanks.

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