Saturday, December 13, 2014


So, adoptions have been picking up.  So have emails and phone calls about adoptions.

Had someone call the other day asking all sorts of questions, emailed them photos and such, we'll see if they get back to me.  Well, they called back, but asked for Sara, and I told em, no Sara here, just Ashley & NWI Chinchilla Rescue.  Wrong number... oook.  Other than that, he hasn't called back yet.  See, and this is why I don't write down info until I have something else.

Had someone else email last night, saw my posts saying we got in 5 chins from people moving out of country.  Said he'd adopt all 5.  Well, one's already gone home, so I told him that, and told him, they're not all housed together (which may or may not be clear from the ads), and so he'd likely need 3 cages.  He said that's fine, so I told him about the care packet and adoption form.  He said send em, so I sent em.  Now just waiting.

Had someone call a bit ago, asking if we still had Gilly.  Sure do, and they said they want to adopt him and another chin.  Told em, he doesn't get along with others.  Ok, so they want to still adopt two, and they said I should write down their info cause they'll call later.  I think I'll just wait to write anything down until I have an adoption form in hand, cause, I've sent out way more adoption forms than I ever get back, every month of the year.

Then I had one person this morning email about getting a pair of chins.  Emailed them back about the care packet, adoption form, all that.  They already got me the adoption form back, and everything looks good.  Just finished sending them an email asking about supplies, pickup, cage, etc etc.  They said they want to come by, talk about and pick out their stuff, and then come pick it up after Christmas, so now we're just working on ironing out when they're coming.

Tis the season.

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