Friday, December 19, 2014

Been Getting Some Fun Ones Lately

So, tis the season that the lunatics come out.

Got one person who emailed saying, they had a dog, it was way too much work, so they got rid of it, and their 6 year old was heartbroken.  He was asking for a mouse, but that was out of the question, but this lady loved her friend's "beautiful and soft" chinchilla that "didn't like to be handled."  Oh, but she read on my website that mine "did fine with handling" and she wanted a pet that her kids (6 and 2) could hold and love on ALL day.  Her words, not mine.  Well, sent back a nice email that said, when I say chinchillas do well with handling, it's relative.  If they squirm and squirm in your arms, I put "do not do well with handling."  If they'll let you hold them for some period of time, they "do well with handling."  But that's way different from handling them all day, every day.  I suggested to her, a rat, which I'm sure she won't like (considering, if a mouse is out of the question)... but I told her... most small animals do not want to be handled that much, and even rats, as friendly as they are, can decide they've had enough.  But bottom line, I told her, a chin was not the pet she was looking for.

Had someone email about Nyler.  Said they were interested -- and by the way, I love those one line emails, that just say "do you still have him, I am interested."  Gee, thanks for any background I might want.  So, I email them back, tell them, yes, he's still available, if they're interested in adopting, they have to read our care packet and fill out an adoption form.  So I get an email back asking where we're located (which it says right in the ad, points lost right there), and would I take $15 for him.  His adoption fee, fyi, is $35.  Um, no.  Rabbits are freakin expensive to care for, with the veggies, and everything.  If you can't afford $35 for the rabbit, you probably can't afford the cage, and definitely can't afford the upkeep.  Next!

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