Friday, December 5, 2014


So, got an email from someone who I knew was going to be picking up chins this week.  In short, it basically said, they wanted to come tomorrow around noon.  Well, regardless of what shift at work that I work, I'm never home around noon.  I usually either work 7-4 (at work around noon), or 1-10 (driving to work around noon).  And tomorrow's the Christmas party, so I told her, not heading home after work either. 

So she asks if they can stop by before I leave for work.  Mind you, I've just told her, I leave the house at 6.  Now, I had my little hissy fit over here and said there is no way I'm getting up at the crack of dawn to rehome chins... until I realized, this is for Mama and Baby.  The chins who've been here almost a year, and this would be the first people who are really interested in them, and so I sent back an email saying I will have everything ready, but if they are not here by the time I have to leave... I have to leave.

They better show up if I'm going to sacrifice even more sleep for this sort of thing.  Because if I get up at 5 am and wait for an hour and these people do not show up, all of a sudden the rescue's gonna have a new, 10 am -  8 pm appointment hours ONLY thing.  Cause this wouldn't be the only time people want to come at the crack of dawn, or 2 am, that sort of thing.  And usually it works out and it's only occasionally here and there, but I feel like these people have no respect.  Do you go to a pet store and say, "hey, I know you open at 9.  But I can make it there only at 5 am.  Can you open four hours early for me?  Pleeeeeeease????"  Pet store would be like, "Uh, no.  Not a chance.  Come at 9.  If we're in a good mood, maybe we'll let you in at 8:55."  And they'd be making WAY more money off the critters and supplies than I would, so....  

Just got on the internet long enough to check if this person I'm talking about had paid my invoice.... cause they already paid for the chins and then wanted to get a cage, so I sent them an invoice for the cage.  Saw a message on facebook -- someone already has chins and took in a mom and her kits and now those chins aren't all getting along, and so they need me to take in the mom.  Mind you, this is the same person who thought that a cage that would fit three chins, for $80, was too much, a month or so ago.  But they thought it'd be a good idea to take in multiple additional chins, and now the problem -- SURPRISE -- is they don't have another cage to separate all these chins into.  Now, I do give em kudos because they don't want to keep the mom with a male cause they don't want babies... but shouldn't they have thought of that ahead of time?  Without knowing more details, best guess is, mom and babies are female, their current chin is male (well, I know their current chin is male, cause this person always acts interested in my male chins and wants to see pics and it never goes anywhere from there).  But then the mom and babies aren't getting along, and why doesn't it surprise me... that they're getting rid of mom.  And now that I go to my newsfeed, this person has posted that the female bites and sprays.  Wonderful.  I suppose, good thing I have a waiting list and I'm nowhere near getting people off it just quite yet.  I asked if he wanted to be added to it, but, as always, I go in order of who got on the list first (exception being someone who's returning one of my chins, they go to the top of the list), and I probably have 5 people on the list.

Ok so one more thing.  To get the chins ready to go.... packed up food, goodie bags, business card.  Wrote out two pickup forms, adoption contract, and invoice.  Got a box ready with holes, got the tape.  The cage they wanted was buried (even moreso since furniture has made its way down there recently), so I moved all the furniture to unearth the cage, and moved that considerably closer to the basement steps -- which I know I can't get it up myself.  Maybe this doesn't sound like a lot of stuff.  It really doesn't to me, now that I've typed it.  But figure, if they don't show up.... that's a lot of shit done for nothing.  That cage has sat around over a year here at the rescue (for sale the entire time... not a popular choice I guess), so it'll just have to be moved back.  I'm at a lack of space as it is, so the food and goodie bags will need to be put back in their respective places to wait for the next adoption.  The goodie bags have their own container, and the food -- I like to scoop fresh for every adoption so the adopters get the most current food I have for their critters.  Not to mention, the forms and all that....  well, fingers crossed they show up. 

Ok one more last thing.  Remember that person who had the female chin and wanted the male and then we talked about it and then they said they wanted Puff?  That was like a few weeks ago, but all on facebook?  Yeah, never heard back from them.  Also, have had 3 people email about Nyler, all in the last week.  All asked for care packet and adoption form.  None have emailed that back. 

Oh and the same person who was interested in three chins and a rabbit, back when.... but then decided, after dragging it out, that they couldn't make the drive.  Oops, my bad, they never had a car and had to have a friend drive them, and didn't think to ask that friend, would the friend drive them, before contacting me.  So of course, when they asked, friend said no, too far.  Yeah.  They just emailed me about another rabbit and asked how far I am from their hometown.  Now, I could see if it was just a general ad, cause not all my ads specifically say the rescue name -- but the ad they responded to was on RescueMe, which SPECIFICALLY says on the listings (for example), "chinchilla locates at NWI Chinchilla Rescue, Hammond, IN."  Now, I know they saw the rescue name before, when they were emailing about the other animals, cause I sent them two care packets and two adoption forms, all with the rescue name on it, and yet they still emailed about the other rabbit.  Does no one READ anymore?

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