Sunday, January 7, 2018

Chins Getting Along

Lots of people are telling me lately, they don't want to bring a new chin home, unless it gets along with their current chin.  And I get it, ideally, they want one cage with two chins.

No one can guarantee any two chins will get along.  Not me, not Jim, not any hoity-toity breeder out in wherever.  It's just not something you can guarantee.

You can have two chins, both of which had siblings that they got along with.  Both of which got along with other chins (not their siblings) in the past.  Put them together, they may get along.  Or, they may kill each other.  How do you know?  Well... you really don't.

You may have chins that get along with every chin ever!!  Social-butterfly-chin!  But you put them with the specific buddy chin and they hate them.  For no good reason, but they sure don't like them.  Or, you can have a chin that hates everybody... but does enjoy the company of one random chin. 

You see, it's a crapshoot.

What it comes down to is this -- if you're not prepared to either divide your cage or have a separate cage for every single chin you bring home... it may not be a great idea for you to bring home multiple chins.  Not saying that chins can't get along... a LOT of what I have at the rescue right now is pairs... they DEFINITELY can get along and can be buddies... but... there's no way to know, ahead of time, if any two chins will get along, prior to pairing them.  So... you always run the risk that they won't get along, and that you will have two separate chins that don't like each other.

Sure, you can work on introducing them to each other, joint playtimes, swapping cages... I'm not saying this stuff can't work... but most people don't honestly want to put in the time and effort... they want to open the cage, place the second chin in the cage, and be done with it.  That just doesn't always work.  Just be aware.

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