Tuesday, January 9, 2018


So, the other day we had Aleks here volunteering.  She came and fed the chins, cleaned some empty guinea pig cages for their next inhabitants, then helped feed and mist our geckos, and then she worked on sanding toy parts, so we could later assemble some of the zany loofah toys. 

Sounds like that all should be quick, but that was about 4 hours worth of work!  And that was four hours that I was able to work on other stuff -- I booked a flight for shipping a chin, I answered emails, and so on.  That's the beauty of volunteering -- there's a lot of easy stuff that almost anyone can do, and if someone else can do it, then my time is freed up to do stuff that's harder to delegate.  So of course, we appreciate our volunteers!

We have Colette & Devon (our wonderful hammock-helpers) coming to volunteer later this month, and they'll be here a good part of the day, helping with whatever I come up with.  Can't WAIT!  There's never enough people helping, but even an hour or two, here or there, really does make a difference.  Someone else can feed?  Yay.  Saves me at least 30 minutes, if not longer.  Every little bit helps!

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