Friday, January 12, 2018

Sometimes I Just Don't Get People

This is one of those case-in-point times when I should have had a deposit.  I'm down to two adoptable female rats, and I had this one person who was (according to them) super interested.

Our conversation went something like this:

Dec. 28 (Thursday):

They ask me to send pics of the remaining females, as one of their ratties passed that day.  I tell them, I'll send pics later that day, and they thank me, saying they want to get two buddies for their remaining rat, before she gets too sad.  They then ask, am I free that weekend?  I tell them my availability, and send them a few pics and a video of the available females.  They say they want one of each color, and I ask when they're wanting to come by.  They say they can come a certain time, but I already have an appointment then, so I ask about a slightly later time.  They ask where I'm located and tell me where they're located.  So they text later in the wee hours of the morning, and I don't see it until the following day.

Dec. 29 (Friday):

We set the appointment for 1 pm Sunday and I give them my address and house description.  They ask what the adoption fee is, I tell them.  They say that that sounds good. 

Dec. 30 (Saturday):

Get a text, they can't make it at the time we scheduled for the following day, as they have to work until later.  I ask if they want to come after work, they say that's fine.  We agree that they'll text me when they get off from work and then they can head over.  They say they'll see me tomorrow and send a cute pic of the rat all cuddled up in her bed.

Dec. 31 (Sunday):

This was the day I must have eaten something bad or something, because I was not feeling well and stayed in bed all day.  So I texted this person, asking if we could reschedule, and they asked when was a good day.  I suggested that I would text them the following day, and we could set something up.  They said that was good

Jan. 1 (Monday):

I get a text from them, asking when would be a good day for them to come.  I list my schedule for the entire week, starting with later that day, figuring that since they're antsy, they're going to want to come right away.  They tell me that Saturday after 6 would be good for them, and they ask me to save them two girls (at this point, I still had four).  So, we confirm which colors they want and set the appointment for 6:30 on Saturday.  I tell them, if anything comes up, let me know.  They respond, telling me that they're not working and have nothing planned, so they will be there.

Jan. 2 (Tuesday):

I get a text asking if they could come the following day around 5 pm.  I text back, saying that'd be fine... but I don't hear back and it's starting to get later in the late evening, so I text back again, asking if they are officially wanting to come the next day around 5, and I let them know, I just need to know, so I can plan other appointments and plan the rest of that day.  I get a text back, they tell me they'll just come Saturday.

Jan. 4 (Thursday):

They text me, asking, "still looking good for Saturday?"  I tell them yes, I have the remaining two girls here for them.  They say that's good, they'll see me Saturday.

Jan. 6 (Saturday):

They ask for my address, I give it to them (for the second time).  They say they'll see me at 6.  We'd had the appointment intentionally scheduled for 6:30, as I'm usually walking in the door at 6, so I tell them as much, and ask they try to show up closer to 6:30.  They say no problem, and ask what the adoption fee is, again.  I tell them.  They ask if they need to bring a box, I tell them I have cardboard pet carriers.  They say that sounds good.


Probably needless to say, I would not be writing this... had they shown up.  After ALL OF THIS, they were a no-call, no-show.  Oh, and I should mention, I texted them about an hour after they should have shown up, asking if they were still coming.  No text back.  About a half hour after that, I sent another text, thinking that maybe if they'd deleted the texts, they wouldn't know who I was, so in the second text, I specified, you know, this is Ashley with NWI Chinchilla Rescue, we're the ones with the rats up for adoption, I was holding two females for them for their 6:30 appointment.....  no response whatsoever to any of these texts.

Sure, something could have come up.  Sure.  They also could have taken 2 seconds to text me and let me know... or maybe even the next day or the following -- nope! 

This is why I now have the policy where I won't hold animals without a deposit.  I was trying to be nice, again.  Stupid stupid, apparently, because this is a perfect example of how I get all walked over.  I had several people who emailed, during the time I was holding the rats for this person, that I told, sorry, I already had people who were going to adopt.  I even had one person who had messaged when I still had four available, and I told her, I'd let her know if any of the appointments fell through.  Well, I messaged after this one person fell through... they still haven't even gone into messenger to look at the message.  So tell me, what's the purpose of being nice?  These rats could have potentially already been in someone's home, being loved on, but no...because I was trying to be a nice person and hold them for someone -- someone who didn't even have the common courtesy to tell me they weren't coming after all that long conversation, mind you -- they're still here.  So tell me again, what good did it do for me to be nice?

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