Saturday, January 6, 2018


I swore I wasn't going to start this new year complaining.... but you all give me so many opportunities! 

I can't tell you how many emails I get (3 today, alone... and it's barely noon!) where someone emails and says, in so many words, hey, I like this chin, I want to get it.... and then is FLOORED when I tell them the price (and of course, doesn't adopt). 

Of course, there's always the outliers like the curlies or curly carriers, where they look vaguely similar to the other chins, but are higher priced ($350-600), due to genetics.  Those, I can understand when people see them and don't realize how much they are.  But... I'm not talking about those.  No...  I get people all the time who are like, ok, they read on the website that I have a 5 year old standard grey female... and if you look at the website, I have several others that are vaguely around the same age range and color... all for $75.... and so I tell them, ok, that specific chin is $75, and they're like HOLY SHIT I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE $10!!!!!! 

...the best is when that's followed by, "well, $10 is all my daughter can afford."  Time to get a hamster.

If you're unsure of the price... ask.  It's not that hard, I promise.  Or better yet, if you're wanting to stay below a certain price... let me know.  It's SUPER HELPFUL when people are like, "my budget is $200."  Because then, I just won't show them a $300 chin, or if they point out that one, I will mention, hey, it's over budget. 

That's almost another funny thing... I've had several people over the Christmas season, where I've asked what their budget is, and they're like, well, if the kid likes it, we'll just get it.... only to have them balk at a $150 chin (and let's be honest... very few babies are $150 or under... only two colors to be exact).  If you want to stay under a certain price range, that's perfectly fine!  I don't care, other than to help guide you to whichever chin is right for you.  I'm not going to think you're cheap, I just want to help you find the right chin.  So, by all means, if you have a budget, let me know what it is, and don't say, "oh we'll pay whatever..." if you really won't.

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