Sunday, January 6, 2019

Adoption Forms

Adoption forms are necessary for rescues.  Note what I just said there, for rescues.  So, depending on which chinchilla you ask about, you may not need to fill one out.

That said, if I tell you that I need one filled out... that means... you are asking about a rescue.  Still following me here?

I've had quite a few people lately who email and say they're interested in a chin.  Take the one the other day for example.  Someone emails asking about adopting an adult chin.  I ask them, do they have a preference as far as male / female / age / budget, etc etc...  their response is that they'd prefer a male, age doesn't matter, and they ask if the chins come with cages.  I explain that sometimes we have chins that come with cages, but at the moment none do... though we have cages available.  I tell them, if you tell me what sort of a cage you're looking for / price range / etc, I'd be happy to share what I have that might match.

"Oh, a normal cage, whatever price is fine."

So helpful.  So, I tell them, well, a normal cage... depends on your definition of normal, and same with price.  I clearly think the prices I have set for cages are fine... other people say they're cheap, other people say they're expensive.  We all have our own opinions, none are wrong or right, just what we think.

Anyway, so back and forth a few more emails.  In those few emails, I listed the 5ish males I had that matched the color and age (adult) he was looking for, and he replied saying which one he wanted.  To which I replied telling him, ok, here's the care packet to read, here's the adoption form to fill out.  The following email, he asks me for pics of the cages that I say I have.

I send the cage pics.  I get an email back saying he found an awesome cage for $85 (more power to him, always good to find a deal!).  And there was also a line about, ok, so he no longer needs a cage from me, but he wants to get the chin. 

Well... he still hasn't gotten back to me about the care packet and I haven't had any adoption forms submitted, so I sent him a nice email back statin

Ok, so I will need you to look over the care packet and fill out the adoption form (I linked to these in a previous email so you can find them easily!) and you'll put the info about the cage you got on there, and let me know when you've done that and then we can move forward.

... *crickets* 

I don't know if this is hard for some people or what, but this happens all the time that I mention the adoption form, almost always relatively early on in the conversation...they ignore my mention of it... until it comes up again and that's the next step they absolutely have to do before moving forward... and then they drop off the face of the planet.  Like... is it that hard to understand, if I say it has to be filled out, it will need to be filled out, before you can adopt?  I guess so...

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