Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Taking Checks

I know this is hard for some people to understand, for some reason...  let me share with you why I think this should be relatively straightforward.

First, on the Available Chins page, right at the top:

Also, on the Sales Policy page, in two spots -- picking up your new family member and the payment section:

So... can you understand why I get slightly miffed when people ask if I take checks, and even more miffed when they ONLY show up with a check?

The thing is, this isn't Walmart... I can't use telecheck to run your check on the spot, and verify that there really is money in the account.  When I take that check to my bank later, and try to deposit it... should it bounce... I have to track you down and hope that I have your correct phone number / email / address... and like I've talked about in previous posts, I'm not trying to make things any more difficult for myself than need be.  So, sorry, but no checks.  Thanks for understanding!

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