Saturday, January 5, 2019

Getting Cages Up the Stairs

So, if you've been here, you know that the rescue is down a flight of stairs. 

This means that often if you are buying a cage (other than a new-in-box-cage), we need to get that cage back UP that flight of stairs. 

For some reason, I get the feeling that people think I haven't done this before.  Hmm.

The ceiling downstairs is low, so any cage over about 2-3' tall requires being tilted to get it up the stairs.  You can't get it up (or down, for that matter) with the cage standing upright, because it won't make it under the basement ceiling (which is still like 6-7' but still... it's the way the ceiling cuts into the stairway).

Yet it's funny, because so often, I will be helping people take the cages up the stairs, and I will tell people, "you need to tilt it back," and get the response, "oh no, it'll be fine."  *CLUNK* (cage hits the ceiling)

I've now lived in this house almost 4 years.  I have my own 6ish ferret nations and several other large cages here, all of which were transported, set up, down those stairs... plus countless others that I have sold over the years that have had to make it down, and then back up, the stairs.  I swear, I might just have some idea what I'm talking about, haha.

So please listen, when I mention that we need to tilt the cage.  For my ceiling's sake.  Thank you.

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