Thursday, January 15, 2015

And here we go again.

First things first, webstore is back open.  Minus a few items that I put as "sold out" because I'm still not *quite* caught up yet.

Second... some people either just have no idea that rescues shouldn't be bred, or just don't care.  Wait, ok, that's not new, I feel like I talk about that all the time on here.  But at least, I feel like they should be a little more clever about how they go about it.  And about how they just email in general.

Case in point.  I got two emails last night, about 2 minutes after one another.  Both in response to craigslist ads, one for one of my white males, another for one of my standard females.  Both emails contained one line, respectively:

Can you do 120??

Can you do 80??

Now.... not to overly assume, but.... I think they're from the same person, who's interested, likely, in just money and cute babies.  Now, why do I think that?  First, no questions about the chin, no reference to adoption form, care packet, any of that.  Just asking about price.  Which, in all fairness to that person, if they only have $200 to spend, would be important, but it's not the only thing that's important.  Second... if they only have $200 to spend... the last thing that person needs is a breeding pair.  Because I could almost guarantee you that they have the wrong type of cage, too big bar spacing, no second (or third or fourth) cage, and no money for vet bills.  Which God knows you need if you have chinchillas.

So that I don't unintentionally make my own head explode, I'm not even going to respond to those emails.  Cause the fact that they're identical, other than the price, and for a male and female, makes me think they want to breed.  And if I told them, I won't sell them a breeding pair, and they said, ok, they'll get two males -- guess what would happen?  Cause, guess what happens every time myself and people get to that point?  Then they don't show up for their appointment.

Look, here's the thing.  This is what I would like to tell these people.  If you really want to breed, you're going to breed.  Whether you get the chins from me or not.  But then you lie to me and tell me, the only, ONLY, reason you want a male and female is because you read somewhere / everywhere that two males or two females will not get along.  Then we have a chat and I tell you, that is DEFINITELY not the case, as I have had plenty (and will have plenty) of pairs that are same-sex that get along just fine.  And then you say, oh you didn't know that, ok, you'll consider a same-sex pair.  So then we talk about same-sex pairs and I tell you what I have, and what chins could be potentially paired up if the current pairs aren't what you're looking for.  And then we talk about the care packet, adoption form, proof of cage.  And you say, yeah, send those to you, and you give me your email. So I email those to you.  And we set up a time for you to come by to look at the current pairs.  And then you never show up.  NEVER.  I don't think I've EVER had a person like this show up.  Which just means, if someone says they want to breed (*with the cheapest, lowest quality, rescue chins they can find), I need to start saying, ok, fine, you're not getting them from me, have a nice day.  And leave it at that.  Cause I'm just wasting my time and my breath.

Today, stuff got done.  I boxed up a house for an order, called the person, got paid (credit card) over the phone.  Just need to put in the invoice, seal the box, and mail it out.

Also made a custom house for someone.

Also made another house for someone else who wanted one with a bottom and the bolts to hold it to the side.

Also cleaned a used cage and put shelves in it, and sent the pic of it, along with adoption form and care packet, to someone who called about adopting.  Fingers crossed that after the effort of cleaning the cage and putting in shelves and all that, to get the picture, that this person actually ends up adopting.  (not that it didn't need to be done sooner or later, but the regular cages with critters in them could use cleaned as well....and really that'd be higher priority than a non-used cage)

Also talked with someone from Ohio who wanted to know if I had still had one of the chins.  Said they wouldn't have money for a few weeks, said they'd call back.  Alrighty.

Got an update on Oreo -- her new home called the other day to let me know she was breathing heavily and asked for my recommendations for vets.  I told em I like southlake, and they went there today.  Apparently Oreo has a "cold" (respiratory infection).  I had told these people that since they were within their 7 day health guarantee, to bring me the vet bill and I would pay it.  They said today that they weren't going to do that, as when they adopted, she became their responsibility.  Now, I really would have paid it, but the way she thought really is the way everyone should think (granted, not particularly during the health guarantee period, but otherwise).  I had a lady a few weeks ago asking about my health guarantee and I told her, it was 7 days.  She said, ok, what if something happens on day 8.  I told her, depends what it is.  If it's like, you step on the chin and it dies, not covered, but if the chin develops an illness or dies, I'll pay for it.  So she asks, what happens if the chin gets sick a month down the road?  Well, what about a year down the road?  She asked these things, and my answer was the same -- when you adopt, the pet becomes your responsibility.  I probably don't even need to write that she didn't end up adopting... cause it's like, she wanted to adopt, with no financial responsibility for the animal, ever.  And it's not like she was wanting to foster or anything, she literally wanted to own the animal, and have me pay for its care for life.  Um... not how it goes.  And she just could not grasp that she would have to pay for all of that after 7 days.

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