Saturday, January 3, 2015


So remember that post from Thursday where I listed all the people who'd contacted me and what happened... I was just talking today with someone who said, surely, by now, I'd heard back.  Well... let's revisit that post.

1) Guy who wanted to get chin and cage, and asked about how to keep them cool in summer ---  Received email today asking when my webstore will re-open because they want houses and toys.

2) Lady who called and I called back and left her a message to call me --- never did hear back

3) Lady at childcare facility who wanted to adopt Nyler, sent adoption form --- never received back, no contact from them

4) Person who texted about Nyler who said if the other home fell through --- texted them when I didn't hear back from first person --- no response (but on a positive note, a completely different person is coming by tomorrow to see Nyler)

5) Husband and wife who had questions, said they'd call me back, set up an appointment for Friday --- never did call me back, never returned my call, and never showed up for their appointment

6) Person who scheduled appt to pick up food and dust (current adoptive home) --- did show up to get their stuff

7) People wanting to pick up a cage --- eventually got a text back, got that scheduled, and that cage is now no longer in my possession.  Yay.

8) The person who bugged me and bugged me about getting them a cage ready, who I emailed and said, yeah, cage ready for you --- never did hear back

9) Email about taking in the rat --- emailed back, no response yet

10) Email asking for more info about China that I responded to that day --- no response

On a positive note, someone called asking about Oreo, and wanted to come by and see her tomorrow.  So, they are set for 11 am tomorrow.  Problem is, they "had to go" and said they'd call in the morning for directions and all that in the morning.  Hold on, let me back up.  When they called, they basically wanted to come right then.  I had people coming a good portion of the day today, then Kailey went to the vet, and so on and so forth.  So, kinda booked.  But I told em,  I could do 5 pm or later, or tomorrow.  Well, they said tomorrow, and said 11 am, and they'll call in the morning for the address.  Now, not to be pessimistic... but..... I'm betting I may be waiting around for a phone call and an appointment that never comes.  But... we shall see.  In preparation though, Oreo needed her cage cleaned, and to go along with that, Oreo needed a bath.  Poor thing endured her bath pretty well, and only gave me death glares a handful of times, but she's squeaky clean now.  And I shall likely be murdered in my sleep now.  So, if no one hear's from me, and I'm found dead, and a black and white dutch rabbit is found in the vicinity... you all know what happened.  

Someone also called today about Snickers.  Dunno when, cause the voicemail just popped up a bit ago, but the phone never rang or anything... but they were asking about Snickers.  So I will give them a call back in the morning.

"Penelope" -- a chin that's been at our rescue before -- was returned today.  We almost had a loose chin situation on our hands, as I put him in the FN and he immediately jumped back out, but we caught him pretty quickly, thankfully.  He'll be available after his eval.

Two more people emailed about Nyler in the last day or two -- have those emails saved just in case the person coming tomorrow doesn't end up adopting him.  But I've noticed... people like pick an animal and gravitate towards them.  Like, for example, before Bear and Moose went home, I must have had at least 4 different people email within the course of a week about them.  There was only one set of Bear & Moose.  Right now, it's Nyler.

Last thing, then I'm going to bed.  Got a text from work, said someone dropped off an adoption form for me.  I won't be seeing it until Monday, because I don't work tomorrow, but I hope it's not for Scottie (the chin at the store).  Cause... he's on hold.  I probably should add a line to the store-adoption-forms that ask, which chin are they interested in.  Cause there's the chin in the store, but then I also have the binder at the store that has all the chins with their info in it.  So it's possible they're interested in another chin.  Fingers crossed that's the case, cause I'd hate if they read the care packet, filled out the form, and then it turned out that they're only interested in the one extra dark ebony rescue chinchilla that I have, that was put on hold juuuust before they got there.

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