Thursday, January 1, 2015

Talking with People

Over the last few days, I've gone through and called back a LOT of voicemails. 

First, one from some guy who wanted to get a chin and cage.  He was out about an hour and a half from here, so he'd called just about all the local places to get chins, and wanted a pedigreed chin from a breeder, upon thinking about it, and wanted info on housing and caging and all that.  So we talked for probably a half hour about these things and I told him, I had three chins available right now that were bred here, on my website, if he wanted to look at their pictures.  Got an email back from him the next day, saying he forgot to ask, but he doesn't have a basement, so how should he keep them cool in the summer.  Would have loved to have responded with two words: air conditioning -- but I said that and explained why.  That was at the beginning of the week.  Haven't heard back.

Second one was from a woman who was calling about our chinchillas.  Called back, didn't get her, left a message for her to call me back.  That was Monday.  Never heard back.

Third one was from a lady at some sort of child-care facility asking about Nyler.  Said that the director had come across Nyler and wanted to adopt him for the facility, especially since she'd seen that he was at a daycare before.  She wanted to check if the ad was really right, that he really is kid-friendly and all that, and I told her, yes he is, but if they adopted him and for some reason, felt he wasn't "as advertised" they could bring him back.  But told her, unlikely, because I write the ads myself, and I don't sugarcoat if there's a problem.  They wanted the care packet and adoption form.  Emailed it to them.  That was Monday.  Never heard back.

Had someone else text about Nyler, I told them, giving the first person a few days cause of the holiday and all, so they're going to get a return text in another day or so here....

Had a call from a husband and wife asking about chinchillas and adopting and wanting to get a pair and all that.  Talked to the husband Monday for awhile, he had to go to work, so we had to cut the convo short.  Before we went, we set an appt for Friday between 5:30-6 pm.  Said he would call me the next morning to go over more stuff.  Never heard back.  Called them back earlier today, asking if they still wanted to come, because I'd never heard back, left a message.  He said he'd get my address the next day, so not sure that appointment will be coming unless he calls back. 

Got a text from someone on Tuesday who wanted to come by for some food and dust on Friday.  Scheduled them.

Got a text today from someone who was supposed to come pick up a cage, they're not well, need to reschedule.  Any time will work, they said, so I texted them the next two days, the times I have.  Just waiting for a text back.

Got an email back on the 27th asking about if I'd had any chinchilla cages ready.  This is from someone who has, over and over, said they wanted to adopt, then fallen off the planet, then they don't have the money... well, awhile back, they wanted a cage fixed up, so they could purchase a cage first, and then one they had that and then saved up for the chins, buy the chins.  Well, so they emailed asking if I happened to have the cage ready, and I actually was just going to email them, so I emailed them with price and pic of the cage (which was within the amount they wanted to spend and size they were looking for).... and nothing.  So I emailed them again today, just asking, hey, did you get my email about the cage.  Cause if they're gonna ask (and ask and ask... which I suppose I didn't mention, but they've been asking for a bit, "is the cage ready?") and then when the cage is ready, fall off the face of the earth... I'm not going to hold it for them.  The other people who wanted a cage, I had a friend who told me, when you get in a FN to sell, let her know.  So when I had one cleared out, I let her know.  I didn't clean it immediately, and they checked up that I still had it, and I still had it for them, which I did... because naturally, I told them, "I'm going to have a cage available," and then that was Christmas week, and I didn't get it cleaned as quickly as I'd have liked.  But the point is, they'd gotten back to me and said, yeah, that's what they wanted... so I hung onto it and told em, when I had it clean, I'd let em know.  But this person, and I suppose this goes for everyone... if they ask for cages, and I show em a cage, and they don't respond... that person has no reason to think the cage is on hold for them.  If I had someone else ask about adopting and they need a cage, and that cage works for them, the cage will be for sale for them.  Simple as that.  Cause I have to know you want it. 

Then I get an email from an adoptive home looking for a different chin cage, and they pick out one of the used cages.  So I know, in my head, they want it.  And they add like a hammock and some other stuff to their order, they're coming Saturday.  So then of course, someone else emails and says that they want to know if I still have the cage or one like it.  Now, because that's insanely vague, I asked them which cage, one of the used ones? new ones?  And of course they wanted that used one.  Well, I told em, someone else called it, but I could fix up another cage for them.  So they said ok, they wanted to stay under $100.  So I said ok, I have a cage that I think, once cleaned and with shelves, would likely be under $100, and I looked for the link online so I could show her the original cage before modifications.  Next email said, she got a cage elsewhere, just needs shelves.  Alrighty then.

Got an email asking if I can take in a rat.  We shall see.

Got an email about China.  Came from the PetFinder site, which has all the info that my website has about every chin.  Asked for more info and adoption fee.  Sorry, not to be a pain, but I am copying and pasting.  No reason to re-invent the wheel.

Got a phone call today from someone asking if we're still taking in chinchillas, cause they're moving to a smaller apartment and won't have the money or time.  Called em back, left a message saying we are full, but they can get on the waiting list, call back if needed.

Today had some people come pick up some chin food and pig food and hay. 

Worked on some orders today. Got someone's 11 pounds flat rate ready to go... emailed them... oh they never got my previous email for some reason and already bought the food elsewhere.  Alrighty.  Cut out super-custom shelves for this one order from way back when.  Need to text the person tomorrow during normal daylight hours and tell them its ready.  Cut out a second cottage house, since I technically have two in the running (even though the store is CLOSED, these people CANNOT READ).  The one is for an order being shipped out, the other is for an order being picked up, so I'm not going to ship out the one cottage house until the pickup comes.... just in case the other one isn't glued or dried or whatever at that point.  Also got ready the rest of the stuff for the pickup order that will be this weekend.

And probably did some other stuff in here too, but these are the highlights of this week.... 

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