Saturday, January 10, 2015

New Year, Same Old

So, new year, same old same old.  So, Scottie was supposed to go home, and that fell through.

I had someone earlier this week who wanted the adoption form and all that emailed to them.  Asked me to text them the next day when I got my work schedule so we could set up an appointment.  Never did hear back.

Talked with someone on the phone the other day about them getting a buddy for their chin.  Chin was making noises, they looked it up, said it meant he wanted a companion.  Naturally, they wanted to get a female, and I told em, bad idea in general.  ESPECIALLY since their last female died of birth complications, but anyway.  I told em, males get along just fine, and they said ok, and I told em, they could bring their chin here and we could try to pair him with one of ours.  So we set up a time, for today after work.  Well, with the wintery conditions, it's been taking me forever and a day to get to and from work lately, so I left right at the end of my shift, rushed home.  Shoveled paths to the front and side doors -- cause no one listens when I say go to the side door.  And.... they never showed up.  Never called to say they weren't coming, nothing. 

And granted, they were coming from about 2 hours away, which they knew when we spoke, but I told them on the phone (as I do just about everyone, summer or winter), that if they need to cancel, reschedule, it's really not a big deal, but let me know, so I don't rush home from something that I needed to stay for, only to realize, hey, coulda stayed.  And the thing is, I understand if people decide, they're not going to make the drive.  Maybe it's too far.  Maybe it takes too long.  Maybe whatever.  It really doesn't matter.  Truly, really, if you're not coming to adopt ever, it really doesn't matter why.  That's not to say that I won't be curious.  But if you've decided you're going to find a chin closer, or you don't want to spend the gas... whichever it is has no effect on anything... I simply need to know, you're not coming.  That's all.  No hard feelings, in fact, when people cancel, I actually think highly of them.  Because they cancelled.  Same with people who call to say they'll be late.  Because the people that let you know they'll either be late or aren't coming are in the severe majority anymore.  So I think good of them, but then when they don't show up, I don't think as positive of them.

I was telling someone about this, and they said, "oh well when this person contacts you, you be an ass back to them," or something of the sort.  But the reality is, the people who don't show up, and don't call to cancel, etc... I never hear from again.  If someone really wanted to adopt, they'd let you know if something came up.  They wouldn't fall off the face of the earth.

And while I obviously want to get animals adopted, I don't beg.  I don't chase.  Some people might call these people and ask what happened.  Ask if they want to come.  I used to do that, at the beginning.  But you know what, those people always had excuses.  They never, no matter what they said, they never ended up coming to adopt.  And what I think it really boils down to is this -- and it's simple -- if they want to adopt, they will keep in contact.  And if they don't, they're not serious about it.

I'm currently in contact with someone from St. Charles -- about an hour and a half away.  They're interested in Scottie.  They say (key word) that they're going to come by the store tomorrow to adopt him.  He's no longer at the store, which is ok, because I can just grab him in the morning and bring him with me.  But the thing is... they're in for another long ride, just like the people who didn't show up today... so I hope they actually DO show up.  We shall see.

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