Sunday, January 4, 2015

Good adoptive day for rabbits

So... today both rabbits went home! 

The people for Oreo, the ones that needed to call in the morning with directions, did in fact, call, and they came by.  They just loved her, and adopted her.  And then the people for Nyler showed up as well, and took him home.  Very good rabbit day!

Also, Scottie is going to his new home tomorrow.  He's going to be re-named Chowder.  The new owner is going to pick out her supplies when she comes tomorrow, but in the meantime, we did talk about a cage today, and she's going to be getting the medium cage that I sell.  So I got that ready with shelves so that's ready to go.

As that's my last new cage that I have for sale, I went and ordered myself one of each of the cages I sell.  Had to hunt around for a good price, as they all went up.  Ordered myself some more food bowls -- I guess I normally order 4" food bowls... I ordered like 20 -- 3" ones last time.  Whoops.  So, I need to add those to the website as "treat" bowls, and I went back to see why I didn't order the 4" ones.... the price for them was almost $8 per bowl!  I actually emailed the company and asked if that was right, because the price of the 5" bowls was considerably cheaper than the price of the 4" bowl, but I guess they didn't care to bother with responding.... so today, I found another place that has the bowls I want and ordered the 4" size for the store.

Speaking of which, the webstore should be opening again shortly.  I have an order or two I need to finish up, and when I do, the store will be open again.  No promises on wait times, cause last time what happened was I ordered the store and it seemed like everyone put in an order right away... and backed everything up again.  But hopefully, now that it's almost caught up again, things will stay that way....

Got the rescue marginally more caught up on paperwork.  Matched adoption forms to adoption pickup paperwork.  Put together a hidey house for someone, when it's dry, need to get it boxed up and ready to ship out.  Started cutting shelves for someone (cut two... got tired, and I remembered what happened the last time I used the saw tired... went upstairs).

Not sure if I mentioned this before, but work told me that someone had dropped off an adoption form and it was in the office for me.... I hope it's not for Scottie (as he's going home tomorrow).  A lot of people lately have emailed and been very adamant about "I want that chin and only that chin, and if I can't have that chin, I won't adopt."  Here's hoping that either they are interested in another chin, or that's not the case here.  Chances are, they didn't write anywhere, which chin they're interested in, so I'll have to call them and ask (and let them know how the adoption form looks).  From now on, I need to write on the adoption forms that are in the store, at the top, "Interested in adopting: ___________" that way I know which one.  Anyway, we shall see tomorrow.

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