Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Gilly & People

So, Gilly was adopted yesterday.  Had people stop in the store the day before, asking about him, and said they'd talk with their family.  Said they might call that night, and they didn't, so I assumed they weren't interested, but then they showed back up last night.  Ended up coming over to the rescue once I got off work, and got Gilly and a cage and all that was needed for that.  So he's finally in a new home -- yay!!

And... people.  Had another fun one.  Got a text yesterday from a number I didn't recognize (happens all the time because of the rescue), just said "hi" -- so I said hi.  Got three texts today, ranging from "hi" to asking "who is this?" and they've now called my cell multiple times.  Now wait... they texted ME and they want to know who I am?  Sounds just like something I don't want to mess with.  Have enough people to deal with, without someone like that.  And the phone number now shows up as Oregon, so pretty much no chance it's a potential adopter, being that far away.

Oh and get this.  I just got another "hi" text from that person.  Wtf?  I said "hi," they asked "who is this," and because I've had it with this shit, I actually said "you texted me, not the other way around, this is Ashley."  So get this, she said "Kelsey how old are you" -- I texted back "not interested" -- she texted back "you want to be friends" then "how old are you" then "Im 10" and then she called me.  I declined the call and said "I'm busy.  Stop texting and calling me."  Got an "ok sorry" text.  Really people?  Cause I got NOTHING better to do.  And this is just another reason why little kids should not have phones.  This could be someone who has chins in OR, and found my number on the website, but you just don't go calling random numbers and texting random numbers and asking if they want to be friends.  I mean what in the flying fuck is wrong with people?  All she needs to do is contact a pedophile and she'll never be seen again.  I don't mean to be mean, but I barely have time to answer voicemails and emails because I get so many, and I get little kids wanting to chat about random shit?  I mean I don't even KNOW that it's a chin person, it could just be a random kid that found my number somewhere.  Weird.

Had another one that wanted to know if I could mail them a chin.  I told em, they can't go through the mail, only way to "ship" them is on a plane, and because of cost and effort, we don't do that even if they wanted to pay.  But I guarantee you, they thought it'd be like $30 like it is to ship reptiles.  Which it's not, and the average person isn't around the corner from an airport, so driving there to pick up the chinchilla usually ads an extra cost to it, and let's not forget, we're talking about (usually) a $75-100 chin to start with.  And that's why this page is (and has been) up on the website --> Shipping Info.

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