Thursday, December 27, 2012

It's been awhile...

OK, so it's been like forever since I've posted.  Or it feels that way anyway.  So, Shiloh's still here and still eating his critical care/squash baby food mix.  He was seen again by the vet yesterday, who pointed out that his other top incisor, which had previously been broken off at the gumline.... has mysteriously vanished.  Vet said it's a possibility that the trauma from the other tooth caused the body to try to absorb that tooth.  Which, long story short, would be awesome, but would also mean he'd have to go in and get his bottom teeth pulled.

If, on the other hand, his top incisor does grow back, it may grind down both bottom incisors, or it may start to cause him problems breathing again, which then it would have to be removed, and then the bottom ones would have to go as well.  But, the surgery for removing the bottom ones is considerably less risky and traumatic, so I'm hoping the top tooth is gone and I only have to worry about a future bottom extraction.

Had a lot of calls about chins and critters recently, but considerably more calls than adoptions.  Everyone's being flakey lately and calling and then I never hear back, or not showing up, or whatever.

So, my friend with the guinea pig rescue has been trying to get back this dalmation guinea pig to her rescue.  The original adopters refused to return the pig to her rescue, and were offering the pig for free.  I tried to pose as a potential adopter to adopt the pig, but then my friend pointed out -- they know who I am because I used to sell them hay.  Needless to say, they wouldn't give me the pig, they didn't even bother responding to my emails.  They were giving away the pig, with all of its stuff, for free.  Well, the ad was taken down, and funny, now there's another ad for this exact same pig with all of its stuff for $150.  The ad says that it comes with $300 worth of hay.  Funny, I can buy hay for $5/bale, what is the pig coming with 60 bales?  So I email this lady and ask if she would sell just the pig, saying I have another piggie that needs a companion.  First, I get an email this morning saying she won't, cause she has no use for the stuff without the pig.  More like, she knows she can't sell that stuff for that much, so she wants to sell it as a package deal to an unknowing idiot.  Moving along, I get another email a few minutes ago, saying she will sell just the pig for only $75.  I couldn't restrain myself and emailed back:

Sorry, but that's a little much. I'd much rather get a guinea pig that needs a home over buying one at the pet store, but I can buy one for $35. No sense paying an extra $40 to get one off craigslist, that's a tad ridiculous.

Which it is.  It's sad when it's all about money.  I mean, this person got the pig FOR FREE and is now trying to make $150 off it.  And the animal's caught in the middle.  Ridiculous.  And I just got an email back saying "K".  I can't wait to see how long this critter is for sale on craigslist, cause I don't care how much shit a guinea pig comes with, it's not worth $150.

So, I finally made the liners for Truffles, Lacey, and Pixie's cage.  So they finally got moved into their cage.  Obviously, these are not pics that are going to make it on the website. Pardon the poos, I need to vacuum, but here they are:

Lacey (front) & Pixie (back)

Truffles (left) and Pixie (right)
Need to add some chins to the website.  Kandie's finally ready.  And then I have a standard female that was the runt and is still kinda tiny but will be ready in a few weeks, and a mosaic male that will also be ready in a few weeks.  Get those started on finding homes.  Available with limited peds if people want them.

Feast your eyes on the cuteness:

And then just a few random pics.  Toby looking kinda peeved.

...and Evil (aka Gypsy) looking, well, evil.

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