Saturday, December 15, 2012

Shiloh Update

So, Shiloh's not home yet, still.  Turns out, they are having a harder time weaning him off the oxygen than they originally thought they would.  Yesterday, when I called in the morning, they'd gotten him down from 4 liters per min down to 1 liter per minute.  They had talked about trying to wean him off of that.  When I talked to them today, they had him down to 1/2 liter.  When I called today, they said that they'd tried to get him off completely, and that he was fine when he was sleeping, but when he would wake up and become active, he was getting too tired and lethargic, so they had to put him on oxygen.  They said maybe tomorrow (Sunday) he'll be ready to go home.  They have to wean him off oxygen first, so this is still tentative, but they said they'll work on weaning him down to 1/4 liter per minute and then off.

They said while he's been sleeping, he's been curling up in a ball to do so.  So he must be reasonably comfy to do so, so that's good.
They said, the other day, that they've already gone over my estimate.  The high end of my estimate was about $2000ish, and they told me they're already more like $2100-2300.  Ouch.  They said they will cap expenses at $2500 so that, get this, it "stays affordable."  Cause, you know, $2500 is affordable, but $2600?  $2700? Apparently not affordable.  My dad said it well when he said that places like this think money is no object for the customers.  Cause dude, $2500 is going to cut out at least half of the chin account.  

Not to mention, he needs to be rechecked in about a week, and then possibly have the surgery for the other nostril, or to remove the bottom tooth that is now going to have nothing to butt up against.  So this definitely isn't over yet.

I think I'm going to do a raffle of some chin items/supplies to benefit the rescue.  Like $5 tickets and you could win the basket, or like maybe even a basket or a variety of single items that are more pricy but still reasonable.  Like stuff that I make, like hidey houses or toys or something like that.  Or like hammock or something.  Like maybe in the basket I could have some of the treats and stuff, or like maybe I'll do a poll on my page and see what people would like to see in a raffle basket.  It takes about a year to clear $2000 at the rescue so we're already into taking a year to rebuild what's already been spent, so if we could even get a few hundred or heck even a hundred, that would be awesome.  Every little bit helps. 

If we do bring home Shiloh tomorrow, I can't wait to see him!  He's been there since Monday morning, so it's been a good 6 days since I've seen him. 

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