Saturday, December 15, 2012


Ok, so people are frustrating me.  I had someone call me earlier in the week who wanted to come Saturday.  He didn't know what time, just said "morning," and would call back to set up a time.  Well, I told him, until I had an actual time, I wasn't going to mark him down, cause I have other appointments to set and all.  So he calls me the next day and leaves a message saying he's going to be here at 12.  Really?  Don't ask or anything, just tell me what time you're going to show up.  Well, unlucky for him, I had already scheduled something else going on and he either could come at the crack of dawn or not until about 7 pm.  So I called him and told him that, and he rescheduled for tomorrow (Sunday).  Fine, no big deal.  Til he calls today and says they went and picked up a chin locally, so they won't be coming tomorrow.  Really?  Great way to teach the kid patience.  Now, I don't usually wish bad on people, but lately a lot of people have been telling me that they've gotten chins from the pet stores and the chin died within a week.... I don't normally wish evil, but I wouldn't feel bad if the chin were sick or died.  Cause he was another one of those that didn't want to go to a pet store, wanted to get a healthy chin from a breeder, and then what does he do?  Cave when the daughter can't wait a single day and goes to the pet store.

Moving on.  There was someone who called twice the other day.  Like twice in the same hour.  So I called back, left a message.  They didn't call back, so I called back a second time, and they ended the phone call on their end.  Fine, they found a chin elsewhere, but would it be so difficult to tell me?

Then, I had these people call the other day asking about a chin for their kid.  So she basically said she needed to talk to the husband, but everything sounded good and all.  Musta asked me every question in the book about chin care and everything and was already planning everything she was going to get from us with the chin.  So she said she'd call back the next day.  When she didn't, the following day I called them and left a message.  Of course they didn't call back.

What is it with the flakes lately?

Had someone call today asking about the pair of chins we have for sale and asking about used cages that we have.  Said he might want to come today, would call back.  What do you bet he doesn't call back?

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