Thursday, December 6, 2012

Just a bad time...

So, things seem up, things seem down... I think it's more down anymore.

Last week, Melon was adopted out.  She didn't want to get along with their chins, so now she's back. 

Had someone who had a hold on Lucy.  Got an email today that now they're going on a trip and will email me once they come back to see if she's still here.  Now, here's the thing -- the fact that they don't want her held for them.... probably means I will never hear back from them.

Then, adopted out a rat the other day... turns out the guy's allergic... even though he's had rats before and never had problems before... so now I have to schedule a time for that rat to come back.

I had someone fill out a form to adopt degus.... they wanted to come this Friday, and I'd told them the times they could come.  Never heard back.  So I emailed them a bit ago saying it's been 5 days, they've got two days to get back to me..... and so on so forth.  I don't anticipate hearing back.


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