Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mildly stupid people....and Shiloh

Ok, so a few days ago we gave out a new award for the stupidest email ever.  I have since deleted it, so I don't know it word for word, but the person responded to one of our ads for guinea pigs, asking if we had any dogs or puppies, available, specifically lab mixes (but no lab-w-rott/chow/gsd, etc).  I emailed back and explained that we are a small animal rescue and only have caged small animals here, and even small dogs/cats do not count as "small animals." 

OK, I can understand when someone sees out ad that says we take in animals and emails and says, hey, I was wondering if you have a rabbit, or a gerbil, or whatever.  I get it.  They don't need to look through every ad, they just see, ok, small animal rescue, maybe they have it.  Those I can understand.  But a dog?

Moving on to today.  This one's more mildly stupid, but stupid nonetheless.  All it said was:

I really think my daughter would like sonic but my she has to keep her room clean till x-mas

Ok. So why email me now?  It's like saying, ok, depending on the next two weeks, we may or may not want your guinea pig, but I'm going to tell you now, even though it's completely pointless, cause I'd never put an animal on hold based on the thought that someone "might" do something for two weeks.  Uh, no.  I emailed the guy back and was like ok, well, if she does, then let me know and if he's still here we can work on the adoption.

Moving onto Shiloh.  Got a call today around 1 pm from Midwest Bird.  So, Dr. Clarkson did the surgery, but they were only able to extract one of the top teeth (the one that was not buried at the gumline).  She said it took her an hour just to get that one out, and she didn't feel it was safe to keep him out even longer to get the other one.  So, they just got the one, she said we will see how he does for a few weeks with the one top incisor removed.  If the other is damaged, it may not grow, so that may not be a problem, but it all depends.  If his breathing seems significantly better with that one out, it may not matter, and then we will just need to worry about that bottom tooth that would be butting up to it.  She said she ground down the bottom teeth to the gumline to give us some time (thank god, cause this has already cost me over $900 and we're probably not done yet, I could use a few weeks...) and so we are going to give it a few weeks and re-evaluate.  So, she said they had to go through the palatte to get the tooth out, so because of that, there was excess bleeding and all that.  She said she put a shunt in his nostril to keep it open while everything heals.  She said he's up and awake and eating, and on oxygen.  So that's promising at least. 

No calls from them since then, so he must be still doing ok.  I'm supposed to call in the morning to check on him, so I will do that and they'll give me an update on him. 

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