Monday, December 3, 2012

Recent things....

So, several pets went to their adoptive homes recently.  Because I'm busy and tired, those pictures are posted on both my website's happy customers page, as well as the facebook page.  But not here, cause I really need to get stuff done.

Got two orders mailed out, and I just got a beep from my phone that I got another paypal payment for likely a large order.  Oh yay.  (ugh)

Still working on those orders.  Had someone come to pick up an order today, and I did ship out two orders.  Just got in another order, for some simple stuff that will take me 5 minutes to do, so I think I'm gonna get to working on that.  Some of the "older" orders are actually ones where I'm waiting for something to dry, so I give the wooden items 2 days to dry, so that puts those orders longer.  Have an order at the moment for a custom width wood, so I went and bought that today. 

Working on those orders at the moment.

Called Midwest Bird today -- took out Shiloh.  He's actually making a wheezing sound now and on top of that, his teeth are growing out of control, and he needs an expert to look at it.  So Wednesday he's going in to see Dr. Clarkson.  Send some happy thoughts his way.

Oh!  And Pumpkin (aka Chloe) was adopted today!  So she went home with her new family.  Check out the happy customers page for pics.

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