Thursday, November 29, 2012

Uh, people!

So, some people make me sick. 

Ok, so awhile back, I had this one adoptive home ask if I had another chin they could adopt.  They had asked about a specific chin which was already on hold, and I asked if they wanted to know if that person backed out.  They did.  So, like two days later I see their post on facebook which said they had gone to the humane society and picked up for themselves a beige chin.  So, what was the point in telling me they wanted to know if that person backed out?  Anyway.

So, this person was on facebook talking about putting the two chins together.  Now, mind you, the chin they adopted from me was an aggressive male who had badly injured other chins he was in with, so he was sold with the "introduce others at your own risk."  He was a rescue, as was the female she picked up at the humane society.  So I got on facebook and posted about how she had bought him knowing she's not supposed to put chins with him or breed him or whatever.  So, she tells me, she was planning on splitting the cage down the middle, or something like that, something which would allow them to sniff but not breed.  Nope, still a problem.  You know why?  Cause chins can breed through the bars.  So she swears up and down she's not going to breed and has no intention of putting them together.  And she would never breed rescues, she knows that's wrong. Ok, fine.  I don't believe her, but there's no reason for me to think she's lying other than my gut, and the male chin in question is long since out of my control.

So, I get on facebook today and she's on this one chin group that I almost never go on, except for the fact that some of my adoptive homes post on there, and she has said:

Hey long time no talk, but to all that were involved in the convo about my aggresive male and his new friend, they are getting along perfectly, she wears the pants in that cage. :)

O.M.F.G. Really?!?!? 

So I say -- so much for saying you wouldn't put them together cause you didn't want to breed rescues :(

Her:  They're not breeding they really havent touched eachother, they're just not fighting. and my other cage broke. so i had no other choice.

Me:   Unless you're watching them 24/7, you don't know they're not breeding. Believe me, they are. I get in tons of male/female pairs each year that people swear up and down they don't breed... funny, it's amazing how the female will always pop out babies a few weeks later. They don't understand they're rescues, they're a male and female, and they are animals, which means they will breed, whether you see it or not. And you had no choice? Sure you did. You could have put the one in a carrier until you could go and get another cage. If getting another cage was too expensive, I sure hope that she doesn't have any problems delivering, cause you will find that is waaaaay more expensive than a new cage. 

....and, you are lucky he didn't kill her, because he was adopted to you as an aggressive male that had badly injured other chins in the past. So even trying to put another chin in with him was endangering the life of that chin.

She's probably sitting there, thinking, what do I do, sit around and wait for her to post?  No, I'm not, but it always does come back to me if some idiot adoptive home is being an idiot adoptive home.  

Oh, and I'd be really interested to know how this cage "broke."  I've had a lot of cages over the years, but none of them have ever "broke" out of the blue which would make them unusable.  

And she even said in the first post about her "aggressive male."  Fuck, he was SOLD to her as a chin that had almost killed several other chins.  That means you NEVER try to put that chin in with another one.  How difficult is that?  I even tell people, when I have chins that don't get along with others, that if they are even mildly thinking that they may want a second chin in the future, they shouldn't go with a "first chin" that doesn't get along with others.   

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