Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Been a tad bit behind...

...regarding everything other than Rochelle.  So here we go.

Adoptions --

On 11/3, one of our 9 week old black variegated males went to his new home.  Here he is pictured with his "mom," Malinda.

Then, also on the third, our baby male guinea pig went to his new home.  This is Snickers with his new family.

On 11/5, our "courtesy listing" chinchilla (aka Meredith's chin) went to her new home.  Here is Posh pictured with her new family.

And today, 11/6, our other baby guinea pig went home.  Here is Lena with her new "mom," Anna.

Made up a new pic of Puff...

.....she hasn't changed a bit.  In both photos, she's even looking away from me at the same angle, lol.

Just some more pics, for fun.

Gypsy sleeping in her house.  Dunno how this is comfortable....

And then Toby... also looking uncomfortable.  But then, we all know how he sleeps...

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