Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Interesting day

So, today was one of those days.  Started out the day with a text from someone who was supposed to drop their chins off tomorrow, turns out, they're not coming.  Well, not tomorrow anyway.  If this is anything like the several other people who schedule and cancel... give it a few weeks/months, I'll be hearing from them again.  But who knows, maybe this time will be different.

So, the person who was supposed to come yesterday for Howie & Sherman came today.  Very nice people, they really seemed to enjoy the chins.  They bought a nice sized cage (from us) for them, as well as a a water bottle, toys, etc, so I know the chins will be spoiled and loved. 

...about that.  Being spoiled and loved thing.  Jim (the rat/cage guy) had texted me about a female chin with cage for $120.  Well, if I was going to rescue every chin out there, sure, but it's one of those things, if I'm going to pay for a chin/cage, I want to know what type of cage I'm getting.  So I told him to ask for pics or at least ask what type of cage.  He's been working on getting some cages for cheap or free that I can spruce up and sell to help make the rescue some extra money to pad the account.  So, these are the pics I get:

Not like I remember every chin and cage I sell, but that cage looked awfully familiar.  As in:

Ok, so it's missing the green hammock, I didn't include the food bowl, and a few other things, but the cage, those shelves, that hidey house, the leopard print hammock in exactly the same spot -- Looks familiar, eh?

So, Jim's talking with this lady, and I tell him, she signed a contract saying she's gotta give the chin back.  He wanted me to pay for it and then try to get the lady to refund my money, saying that she could sell it, and never give it to me, just saying that she wouldn't return it.  Uh, she could, but I'm still not paying the money and trying to get a refund.  My dad is always telling people that if there's a dispute with the IRS, you don't pay the money, you just wait until the thing is worked out.  Cause if you pay it, you have a helluva time getting it back.  So, I was like there is no way I am paying a cent.  But everything tied back to the same person -- the name matched, they lived in Highland, it was the son's chinchilla.... and so on.  But the phone number I had wasn't the same as the one he had, so I figured, I'd call them on the number I had.

Called them, they did say they were selling the chin, and I told them that they'd signed a contract stating they'd return the chinchilla.  Well, they wanted to know if they were getting a refund.  They bought the chin in April.  I think our refunds extend out to 14 days and that's it.  Unless I grant someone special circumstances, for a problem chin or something (which has happened before -- we have one lady who can bring her chin back, any time, no questions asked), but I didn't for these people.  So I told her, I don't need everything back, she can keep/sell everything else, but she needed to bring the chin back.  So she said something about she thought it was vague about money being refunded.  Ok, fine, I'll pull out the contract and quote it.

Now, here's the thing.  The contract which specifically states that money doesn't get refunded came into existence when we got on PetFinder.  They required a contract and that got worded in.  So, before this phone call, I had looked up when they had adopted the chin, and I pulled their adoption papers (cause I really do save them all), and I have their adoption contract which is signed by them. 

So, back to the phone call.  I read her, from our adoption contract, which clearly states "If for any reason, I find that I am unable to keep this animal, or I am unable to provide the proper care for this animal, I will return the animal to NWI Chinchillas without refund of money."  Her response -- "oh."  Yeah.  Anyway, so she tells me the kid isn't giving the chin any attention and asks if they have to bring the chin back.  Yes, they do, hence the words "I will return the animal" -- that doesn't mean I should have to go get it from you, regardless of how close/far you are to me.  So, she said they'd call later once she'd picked her daughter up and bring the chin over. 

Few hours passed, I was a tad skeptical that they were going to call, cause in the past, it usually happens that I call and remind them that they have to return the chin, they don't call back, I call again, they don't call back, I call again... and eventually they get so sick of me calling that they bring the chin back.  But, surprise, they actually called.  Said they were in the neighborhood but couldn't remember the address.  So I give them the address and they say they can't see addresses.  Ok, well, black suv, green car, parked out front.  She hangs up.

Seemed SUPER pissed on the phone call.  Now, here's the thing.  I don't care how much I seem like a bitch, if you sign a contract stating you're going to return the chin if you can't keep it, that's exactly what you're going to do.  I don't care that you're losing out on money.  You saw the contract and signed it.  In fact, just because I think people don't read, I specifically go over the adoption contract with everyone and I specifically mention, out loud, that what they are agreeing to includes that they will return the animal to us without a refund.  So I know, even if she didn't read it, she heard me say it.  So if you signed it, you can whine and bitch and moan allllllll you want..... but you still signed it and that makes it MY chin from the point on when you either decide to sell it or say you don't want it anymore.  Too bad, so sad.  I. Just. Don't. Care.

So, they show up, and there's a knock, and the lady sent her daughter to the door with the chin in a box, taped to all hell (ah yes, I remember the escape artist chin).  The kid hands me the box, I say thanks, the kid doesn't say anything and goes back to the car.  Ok, fine, be that way. 

My mom thinks there's a snake or something in the box, but we open it, and it really is a chin.  On a towel.  So anyone wondering how I end up with so many towels and things in the hamper downstairs -- it's cause so many people give me a towel in the carrier or with their chin stuff.  So, I weigh her -- Gigi -- and she weighs about 10 grams more than when she left, so at least they were feeding her.  Though, judging by that yellow zip-tie on the top of the cage in their pic, she wasn't coming out very often.

The best part -- and my mom pointed this out -- is that on the second page of the adoption form, it says "will you contact NWI Chinchillas about potentially returning the chinchilla in the event you cannot care for it before selling it to a third party or take other actions of selling the animal?" -- she wrote "definitely" with an UNDERLINE.  Uh-huh.  So much for that.

So my mom was saying what if I got someone who refused to return the chin.  My answer -- small claims court.  I bet I wouldn't even have to take the people to court -- suggesting that I would do so would likely do the trick.  And I totally would actually go to court, so it's not just a bluff.

But the chin's back, that's what matters.  Absolutely reeks of cigarette smoke, but she's back.  She'll get some time to air out and check that her weight stays constant and all, and then she'll be back up for adoption again.

In other news, I took pictures of some more used stuff and will be putting it up on the webstore (gently used supplies section), and I washed some additional small stuff.  Still dreaming of another 70F day to wash some wood items, but those may have to wait for spring.  After I finish the rest of the small items that need to be washed, I get to move onto cleaning and listing cages.  Which will be good cause I have quite the pile that need work.

Moved around some cages down there.  Originally had the FN & CN sitting in front, but as those aren't for sale, those were moved back against the wall and others put in front.  So now I just need to clean some additional ones and have more cages available for sale.

Didn't get a ton done today, but I did get some new pics of Rochelle's leg and I should be posting an update later tonight if I get a chance.  Will be posting those items on the webstore first so I can cross that off the to-do list.

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