Tuesday, November 6, 2012

...but the day's not all bad.

Went to the powdercoating place to pick up my pan, and the invoice was there with it, but no price on the invoice.  Course, I'd left this pan there for quite some time, so I had been hoping there wouldn't be a holding fee, cause it's been weeks since I've made it out that direction.  Anyway, so they took a look at the invoice and went and talked to Shannon and he said this one was a freebie!  and they'd get me next time.  Well, I'd brought in a pan today, for a little holding cage we got in a bit ago, so that's my "next time."

In other news, that person who said they keep their chins outside in the spring and all that good stuff.... yeah, never heard back from them.

The person with the guinea pig that had been saying about waiting for a cage from her mom and all -- emailed me back.  Said she has a cage and was asking if the guinea pig is still available.  I told her that she is, but before we can arrange for her to come get her, I need her adoption form back.  Cause... that ad said she was looking for a cage or aquarium.  No GP of mine is going home in an aquarium, sorry.  I can't wait to see what type of cage she's procured.

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