Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Last few days

So, not much been going on in the last few days, but it's life as usual here. 

Had an order for some Mazuri, another for a hammock & food bowl, and another shelf order that's been pending for months (was emailed about it, they said they didn't want it right then, and then pushed it back a few times), got all those out the other day. 

Have a few orders at the moment, need to work on those.  Several for custom houses, some for shelves, will work on those in the morning.

So, Lilly's mosaic female went home the other day, as did the three dumbo rats.  Go figure, just like I said, the lady went with the younger rats and my older ones are still here.  Next time anyone is interested in them, I am not posting any more rats until they actually go home.  Don't have the pictures up on the computer yet, need to work on those.

Joker had a baby, well, maybe a week or two ago now.  Looked ok coloring at birth, now looks really red -- this was her second shot to see how she'd do, both times we've had really red (pet quality for sure) babies, so she will be finding herself a good home in 4+ months. 

Cut up a ton of apples & carrots for the gp's.  Was at Misch's (polish grocery store) with my mom the other day and they always have produce for good prices so I picked up some more carrots and green peppers.  So the pigs will have carrots for quite some time, and they'll get some tasty peppers. 

So, my mom thinks she wants to hang onto the cream longhaired male guinea pig, but upon examination he's got some patch of sticky something towards his rear end.  It's hard to tell if it's like something stuck to him or something actually wrong in that area, so he will be getting a bath in the next few days, to see what's going on with him.  Other than that, he looks healthy and happy and definitely still eating and drinking like a pig, so here's hoping one of the kids at his previous home just stuck something to him and got him sticky.  We will see.

The three older male rats appear to be getting along together, so assuming that continues to go well, they will continue to stay together.  I combined their listings on the website, I'll do that for their other listings once they've been together a tad longer.

Guinea pigs are sexed and separated now.  Two males and a female.  The males are in with daddy and the females are in with the adult females.  I put up their ads, so now just waiting for someone to want to take them home.

Got in another order today for shelves, quite a few of them, but most of them are small and medium shelves, so that won't be too bad to manage.   I would get to work on all of this today, but I'm actually going out tonight (see, every once in a blue moon I do have a life), and I don't want to coat myself in sawdust ahead of time. 

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