Saturday, November 10, 2012

Rochelle update (from 11/8/2012)

On the 8th, Rochelle went to another therapy session.  She also saw Dr. Han, who was happy with her progress and again said how great it was that we chose to go with laser therapy.  It definitely seems to have helped.

The swelling in her leg has gone down a bit, and it's a tad bit more normal looking.  Less of that angry purple color. 

She's taking her meds like a champ, so still good there. 

Still has two laser therapy treatments left, Dr. Han said that may be enough and after that, we will continue the antibiotics for a bit after that to ensure complete healing.  Like before, we will see how she continues to do, and, based off of that, decide whether she needs any additional treatment.  Dr. Han seemed pretty confident that she may not need any treatment other than what we've already set out.  Time will tell.

I will try to get a picture of her leg within the next few days to show the progress she's made.

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