Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ugh, people.

Ok, so today, was taking a nap, and my phone kept ringing, and I kept ignoring it, and then I go back to sleep and a bit later I hear the front door open and my dad saying "are you here for Ashley?"  Ok, so let's back up.  Turns out, these people had seen my website, decided to call to see if they could stop by and if the "store" was open.... four times.... and when no one answered, they drove here from Chicago and rang the doorbell.  Now.  If I called what I thought was a business, four times, and no one answered any of those times, I would think, oh, I dunno, that the business is not open.  But... that's just me.

Anyway, the basement was halfway decent so I took em down, and asked what they were looking for.  A white male.  Now, that's funny, cause when you look at the website.... and feel free to go look if you want.... there's no males listed as available.  In fact, the ONLY males listed haven't even completed their evaluation/quarantine period, and they're ALREADY on hold for someone.  So first, they just said white, so I showed them the white female we had.  Then they said they wanted a male, and I told them, we don't have any available (and nicely reiterated that that's what the website shows as well).  They asked what I had available, and I told them, all females - a white, two extra dark ebs, and a gray.  So they ask, is the extra dark eb a male?  No, I told you, all females.  Ok, so then they ask if Petsmart carries chinchillas.  I told them that I think they do (they had one last time I was there) and so they left, I guess to go there.  Here's the thing though -- the Petsmart by us is the one that typically has all female animals... so they're not going to able to find a male there, and surely not a white male.

Moving on.  I had someone text me early this morning, like 6-something (I wasn't up), saying in very poorly spelled English that they wanted to come over and see the white mosaic female and the extra dark eb females.  Ok, so I told them, we have a care packet they need to read and an adoption form.  So they said send em, so I did.  That's where the problems started.  First, they put down that they had several chinchillas and would breed these when they were of age.  Ok, so the white is pedigreed, so that wouldn't specifically be a problem, but then they put that they didn't have a vet. So, that's not uncommon that someone doesn't put down a vet, but as someone breeding typically will need one at some point in time, I told them of a good vet.  Moving on. 

As for the food question --> Uhm i purchase a big 25 pound bag from the breeder Ridish** in Ohio when i went tu purchase the chillas that i have.. I dont recall the kind it iz

Ritterspach?  That's fine, but it's good to know the brand you're feeding, for when the vet asks you when something does go wrong.

Then, they left blank the type of bedding they use.  They also left blank if they have air conditioning.

Then.... on the "where will the cage go" -->  In basement... Outside in spring at 70 degrees of shaded area in front of living room window for my sight and relaxation

Then, for are they given playtime --> Oh yea.. Out in basement.. They runaroun for a day or 2

Then, this one really got me steamed -->

Have you read our Chinchilla Care Packet?
No no care packet needed

Excuse me?  They are not "above" reading my care packet.  In fact, the only people who are "above" reading it are people who have adopted before (and so, have already seen/read it), people who are known breeders in the chin world (not like this guy who has it looks like one cage with several chins in it, likely inbreeding), or something like that.  The average Joe Schmo has to read it, I don't care how much they "think" they know. 

And... as a result of him not reading it, he got one of the true/false questions wrong.  The question asked if babies shouldn't have treats until they're 6 months old, and that's true -- no treats until they're 6 months.  He put that he gives treats at 3 months. 

So, I asked him about all of the above, and I asked him, since he breeds, at what point/age does he put females into breeding?  Can't wait to hear what he says, but I'm 95% sure he's not adopting.

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