Monday, November 19, 2012

One of those days.

So, today was one of those days.  One of those days where I wish I had someone else who I could say, hey, could you go deal with the animals today, cause I just am not feeling like it today.  No worries, everyone got fed/watered, but the guinea pig sexing did not go well, and we're still questioning the sex of one guinea pig, even with expert help (see facebook page).  That will be ironed out in the morning.

I have chin orders galore to do, but I really was not feeling like doing any of them, so.... they're all nicely stacked waiting for me to cut up wood and all.

I had someone email about the three older male rats that I have.  And sets up a time to stop by tomorrow to come adopt 2, potentially 3, if they get along.  So I intro the three, things are going well, I'm happy my older males are going to be going home....

....and then what do I do?  Post an ad for three younger dumbo males that are here.  Dumbass dumbass dumbass.  I never learn.  Never.  This is why those older males are still here, because the second I post anything younger, people switch from wanting the older ones to the younger ones, and the older ones continue to get older and older and the older they get the less desirable they are to the rat market.  So of course, if you didn't guess, I get an email, saying oh, are those available?  maybe I want those instead. Dumbass dumbass dumbass.

So now I'm kicking myself cause with the way things have been going now, she will take the younger ones home, which I could have saved myself writing the ads and posting all of them today, and the older ones will sit here until someone comes along feeling sorry for them.  Adoptions are at an all time low right now, and I have a zillion animals in quarantine/evaluation/pregnancy watch, and what do I do when I have someone looking to adopt 3 older animals?  Post an ad for babies.  Complete genius, let me tell you.  Couldn't have waited until after she walked away with the older males, no.  Would have been too easy.    


The only NON-stupid thing I managed to do was that I didn't get delete all the ads on the various sites for the older males.  Cause then I woulda been fuming having to put all those back up if she goes for the youngsters.  Course, she says we can talk about it tomorrow, but so far, it's never failed that people coming here to choose between older and younger, choose younger, especially when younger isn't costing them a penny more for the younger ones (which is only the case for rats -- guinea pigs and chins that are younger have higher adoption fees).  We will see, you never know.  I just wouldn't count on having the older ones go home anytime soon.

One day I'm gonna learn.  That day just wasn't today.

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