Monday, November 5, 2012

Rochelle update 11/5/2012

Rochelle had another session of laser therapy today.  She did well, and her leg looks like it's improving.  Slowly, but surely.  She's taking her meds like a champ.  Her leg still looks super swollen but it's definitely dry now and looks like it's healing versus bleeding.

Had one of my volunteers here today, who has been following Rochelle's story -- after looking at her leg, she said the pictures in no way show how swollen the leg really is.  So, to help illustrate, if her normal leg is pencil thickness, this leg is working its way towards highlighter thickness.  Hope that helps.   

Paid for the rest of her laser therapy today -- and I was able to pay for the next four sessions in full, with some left over, thanks to all of your generosity!  Thank you so much! 

At the next laser therapy session (this Thursday), Rochelle needs to be seen by Dr. Han so he can determine whether she will need more therapy, some other course of treatment, or whatnot.  So we will see what he says when he sees her later this week. 

Her leg still doesn't look "attractive" by any means, so I'll link it... though it definitely doesn't look as bad as the last picture...  While you can't tell from the pic, it's actually slightly more pinkish blue and less of the dark bruised purple we were seeing last time.

Oh!  If you've donated more than $1, you should be soon receiving our new thank you card in the mail.  For those that donated $1, I thank you as well, and I do not intend to discount what you have given... but the cost of the card and postage would wipe out your donation, so you will not be receiving a card.  Thank you to everyone.  :)

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