Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Found the degu.

So, today was the day for putting up ads for the critters that have become adoptable in the last bit of time, and as I was getting to Lucy's ad, I realized I had all of one picture of her.  So I go downstairs with the camera and I'm walking past the table with the gp cage and the degu cage, and between the two cages is this odd degu-shaped thing.  Um.... yeah.  I walked right past at first and then had to backtrack.  Yup, that's a loose degu.

Whether it was the loose one I couldn't find or another one, now was the chance to catch it, and catch it I did.  Little stinker.  And it was the missing one, Trixie.

So, once I caught her, I noticed banana chips everywhere.  See, I have this bag of banana chips that didn't fit in my guinea pig treat container, so it has sat out on top of the container near the guinea pig cage for easy access.  Well, the degu apparently decided they were worth getting cause she completely tore through one side of the bag and got them everywhere. 

Now, degus can't process sugar.  They're like chins, but worse.  Some of them will turn diabetic if you look at them wrong, I swear.  Trixie already has diabetic cataracts, so the last thing she needs is more sugar, so what does she do?  Go straight to the banana chips.  Now, those banana chips were for pets, so they're not the super-sugary ones like that people eat, but still, they have natural sugars in them.  Little stinker.

Someone just told me, like just told me that they always want what you don't want to give them.  I don't even remember if it was related to the degu being loose, but at the time I was like thinking, ok this should mean something to me, but it really didn't at the time.  Course now, it makes sense, she shouldn't have any sugar, so she heads to the one thing that HAS sugar (well, natural sugar) in it, as there's hardly anything down by the pets that does, cause the chins can't have it and the degus for sure can't have it. 

Gotta give the furball credit though.  She did manage to get up, off the floor, and get up on that table.  Granted, I probably made it easy for her (unintentionally), cause the cage I had open for her to go in (with the food and water) was next to a larger cage, also on the floor (which her mom is in), which is next to the table I found her on (which the cage which her daughters were in).  Yes, I have three generations of female degus in my house.  So she had to scale the one cage, use it to jump to the other cage, and use that to jump to the table.  Bypassing her GOOD food to eat the BAD banana chips.  Go figure.   

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