Monday, November 26, 2012


So, been a busy last few days.

Had an escapee degu last night.  Still haven't found the little bugger, but I do have a cage set out with food and water so if she's smart, she should come looking for it.  I wrote down the date she got out, so if there's not a catch in 5 days, we can pretty much guarantee we're not going to be getting her back.  So far, it's not looking promising.  Haven't seen her all day.

Have someone coming today to pick up some supplies and look at one of the chins we have up for adoption.  I actually need to put up some more chins for adoption, cause right now, several chins are adoptable, but not listed -- Lilly, Keeper, Melon, Lucy, and Chloe (guinea pig).  So I need to get to work on those ads.

Not too much been going on.  Had some drama with someone over a package.  They told me they wanted the package to get here Thanksgiving week, and they were in the NY/NJ area.  Well, I've sent things to Jean, and I get packages from her, and they always make it here in 3-4 days.  So, I mailed out the package on Tuesday of Thanksgiving week, cause they said they'd be home the later part of the week.  3-4 days should have put the package in by Friday/Saturday.  Well, go figure, it didn't get there in that time period.  This person emailed me asking for tracking.  Well, I don't do tracking unless it's asked for.  Well...... she said I should have inferred that she wanted tracking because she said she wanted it there around Thanksgiving.  I'm sorry, but I'm not a mindreader.  I don't do tracking cause most people don't want to pay extra for it, and the ones that want it typically will tell me they want tracking.  I currently have on my website that if people want tracking, they need to put a note in their paypal payment or let me know in an email, or else it will be shipped without tracking.  Well, of course, I put this up after I started talking with this person, so she says she didn't notice it.  Fine, but I still stand by the fact that if you don't orally or otherwise tell me you want tracking, I am not going to just assume you want it.  Sorry.  So now she's all peeved that I didn't get tracking and she doesn't know when the package will get there, because there's some problem with the post office guy leaving the packages at the door.  I guess someone has to be home.  Which created another argument, because in my defense, 3-4 days should have put the package in at Fri/Sat, which meant she would have been home.  But, the post office took longer, which I don't have any control over.  With the thought that the package would have been delivered in 3-4 days, they would have been home and it wouldn't have mattered if there was tracking or not.  But of course, this person tells me that everyone has always shipped her stuff with tracking so this is never an issue.  Everyone?  Really?  I order chin stuff pretty frequently online, and while some people definitely do tracking (and I don't deny that), I would definitely not say that MOST do tracking.  I'm sure if you ask for tracking, they will put tracking on, but not just automatically.

Ah well.

Got quite some interest in the GP's over the last little bit here -- just got an email from the lady who was interested in the female, saying she went with someone else, so I texted the second person in line.  The male with the blaze has pretty much for sure found a home, I just need to wait to get the adoption form through the mail.  That person is also considering the other male, and I told her, she needs to decide, cause I have a different person who may be interested in either the female or male, and so if she's not, then I could move onto the next person.  So we will see. 

Had someone email about Gumdrop.  I emailed them the rat care packet and adoption form, we'll see if I hear back.

I still need to combine the rat ads and put up the ads for the other critters.  Maybe later today after the people come.

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