Tuesday, November 6, 2012

People never fail to amaze me.

So, we have someone who is looking to adopt our second baby guinea pig.  She originally told me that her mom had guinea pig supplies from when she was a kid, but wanted to see what I had for sale and she'd consider it.  So I told her, we have some $20 cages, $1 food bowls and water bottles...  you can't get a ton cheaper than that.  Well, unless you want to beg. 

I read craigslist like people read the morning paper.  That's just me.  Take a gander at this --

WANTED: Guinea pig and/or supplies! (Chicago (willing to travel))

Date: 2012-11-05, 9:51PM CST

Hello! I'm new to Chicago and I have been looking for a pet guinea pig. I had one as a kid and absolutely loved it. My mom has the cage, water bottle, food dishes, etc., but she lives very far away, so I won't be able to get them til Thanksgiving, and I don't want to wait that long! So if anyone has any supplies for a small pet (ESPECIALLY a cage or aquarium) that they no longer need, I'd love to hear what you have for sale/free!

I do have a guinea pig I may adopt, but if you have one you need or want to get rid of that can come with a cage, that would be excellent! I do prefer a baby so it will grow up knowing me, but a little older is fine if it's friendly and healthy!

As for me, I am a 22y/o female, and I live with a roommate in an apartment where we are allowed to have pets. I've had pets of all varieties growing up and am very kind and never mistreat my pets. I promise I will not use it for food or breeding - I just want one to love and spoil! :)

Thank you! 

People just piss me off.  I understand wanting something for a reasonable price, but give me a break.  And she definitely did not say thanksgiving, she said a week or so.  No wonder she told me that if someone else wanted the guinea pig to adopt it out.  

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