Saturday, December 8, 2012

Shiloh again

So, we had an adoption today, two degus went to their new home.

But in more pressing news, Shiloh has stopped eating on his own.  His breathing is now labored and it is clear he cannot breathe through his nose.   He is completely mouth-breathing now.  He is getting 0.3cc of metacam nightly, but this clearly is not having any positive effect on him or on bringing down the swelling and inflammation in his nasal cavity.  All of this points to a definite odontoma.

Used the coffee grinder to grind up his lab blocks and dog food, and make it into a critical-care-type-mush for him.  Got him to eat some of it, but it's clear that he's having a hard time eating and breathing at the same time.  It's hard to watch.

So, Midwest Bird is an emergency-clinic-only on Sat night/Sunday.  Which doubles the price for everything.  As I can't afford a surgery that would start at $1600, I will be giving them a call first thing Monday morning.  He has an appointment on Friday, but I can't bear to watch him like this if there is any way he can get in sooner than that.  Heck, we don't even need to see Dr. Clarkson, we just need to drop him off so they can prep him and start the surgery.

Poor Shiloh.  If you're reading this, keep your fingers and paws crossed for him.  Send some good thoughts this way.  He physically looks ok but his breathing and the expression on his face is not happy.  We're going to get him help as quickly as possible.

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