Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Busy day

So, today was a busy day.  Started off with a text from someone who'd been texting me for the last bit about my male rat that's up for adoption.  They wanted to come today, so I got them directions and they came by.  Really liked the male rat, and ended up taking him home.  While they were here, the girl noticed the other rats we have, specifically the dumbos, and texted me, after they left, asking how much they are (they are $10 for the first rat, $5 for each additional, just like normal-eared rats).  So I told her, and told her that those rats weren't "ready" yet, so she could adopt them, but they wouldn't come with a health guarantee.  That was fine with her.  So she called me, asking a few more questions, and asking about the chinchillas we have.  So they wanted to know how much they were, and she said they wanted a nice one, but a cheaper one, so I told them that the cheaper ones that we have tend to have attitudes... which I told her, is not a problem out of the cage, but the task is getting them out.  Ok, so she said that was fine, and I told her they could look at them when they came.

Now, in the meantime, Meredith showed up to volunteer, so she was helping prep the corner shelves and then sanding down pieces for my toys, while I tried to organize and clean some more of the rescue.

So the people eventually show back up.  Now, the first time they came, it was the girl and (I'd assumed) her mother.  But when they showed up again.... there must have been 10 people with them.  Which is fine, but oh hell.  Very glad Meredith was there, because the people who bring the entire family, I find exhausting.  Everyone's talking at once, I can only listen to one person at a time, and I'm typically trying to get stuff ready so they can sign the forms and leave.  So, I'm trying to bag up everything and they picked a cage and decided they liked GiGi (yay! she's gone!  not a bad chin, but certain ones I think are gonna be lifer's, and she found a home! yay!) and took her and the two dumbo rats home.  Awesome.

Went back to cleaning up and all, then eventually went and took down GiGi's ads and all, and then Meredith left, and then I was just waiting for Lilly's new family to come pick her up.  They'd come maybe a week ago to pick up supplies and a cage, and wanted to get it all settled prior to bringing her home.  So they came and picked her up and got her and a hammock and took her home.  Yay, I have a completely empty FN...

...and 5 chins coming to fill it, and several other cages, on Sunday.  Oy.

So, lots of critters adopted out today.  Unfortunately, one of the rats that was brought in on the 30th passed unexpectedly today (he was FINE this morning), which is exactly why I won't give health guarantees until the critter's been here 30ish days (or close to, I'm not going to quibble on day 28).  Cause it's possible something's wrong and I'm not going to be liable for some ridiculous vet bill because the adoptive home didn't want to wait.  I'm fine with letting them go home early -- I just won't be held liable for any health problems.  Which, really, I should probably make people sign something to that extent, but it's rare people adopt early, simply because if you're not physically here at the rescue to see them, most people have no idea what animals I'm "sitting on" and haven't listed yet until they're actually available.  Though I think I'm going to list some of the other ones, now that a lot of the adoptable critters are gone... but with the note that they won't be ready until a certain date.

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